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Want your kids to get better grades? You don’t need expensive tutors. Bring them to Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts. Really. If you’re looking for the best martial arts for kids, nothing else is Tiger Schulmann’s. Our kids martial arts program will give them the skills and attention span to do better in school and in life. We’ve been teaching, monitoring, and improving our kids martial arts curriculum for over 30 years and know for a fact that our kids martial arts program helps kids achieve success way beyond martial arts.

See for yourself…

focus with kids martial artsTiger Schulmann’s is, quite simply, the best martial arts for kids. But don’t believe us. Watch our parent and student testimonials. And no, they’re not paid actors. Our former and present students are Ivy Leaguers, successful doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and everything in between. And Tiger Schulmann’s helped them get there. Tiger Schulmann’s gives kids confidence, focus, discipline, tenacity, great exercise, and the most important benefit, the ability to protect themselves…a tool box of valuable and lasting life skills. Think about it. How can a child concentrate in class when worried about getting picked on in the playground and after school? It’s hard enough to focus at school without any distractions, not to mention bullies, ADD, boring teachers, windows, and noisy kids. Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts program is proven to help kids concentrate in class and improve behavior and study habits. Watch your kids become happier, more confident, helpful, and assertive. Feel the pride as your kids set and achieve their goals. And to those of you who think your kids are hopeless. Don’t worry. We’ve seen miraculous transformations. Our instructors were once Tiger Schulmann’s students. Many had issues like ADD, behavior problems, size and weight issues, and were victims of bullies. They understand, respect, and relate to your kids. And your kids will respect and listen to our instructors.

Not just any martial arts school…

Unlike other kids martial arts schools, whose instructors come from anywhere and may not be qualified to teach, Tiger Schulmann’s instructors are all Tiger Schulmann’s black belts, hand picked and carefully screened from our over 10,000 Tiger Schulmann’s students based on their exceptional martial arts skills, passion for martial arts, communication skills, positive attitude, and of course a desire to teach and help others. They share an uncompromising commitment to your children and take their responsibility as role models very seriously.

Our instructors are like no one else

All Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts instructors are trained by Tiger Schulmann’s for a minimum of 10 years. Then they must apprentice with Tiger Schulmann’s senseis to hone their skills and perfect teaching our Kids Martial Arts curriculum. And our instructors never stop training. We meet to train and perfect our curriculum and teaching skills with Master Tiger Schulmann himself, every Tuesday at 10 AM, at our Tiger Schulmann’s headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ. Tiger Schulmann’s instuctors teach Kids Martial Arts because they love it. It’s their life, not just a job. They care about each of their students and know every student by name. Our instructors were once kids with similar issues, concerns, and hurdles that Tiger Schulmann’s helped them overcome.

Confidence, focus, discipline, tenacity and the ability to stand up for yourself make all the difference in school and in life. Tiger schulmann’s gives kids the tools to succeed wherever, whenever, forever. Tiger Schulmann’s is the best martial arts for kids.


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