Wanting To Quit Is Actually A Good Thing

by Tiger Schulmann's Nanuet
self discipline
As an instructor I hold my students hand until they can achieve on their own


I know the title of this article is probably confusing to you.  “Wanting to Quit is actually a good thing”, yes you read that correctly.  Now why would a martial art school say “wanting to quit is actually a good thing”?

Let me elaborate on this.  My karate program is enjoyable to all kids.  I have not come across one child that dislikes my program.  It’s fun, exciting and empowering.  Kids walk away after each class feeling like a champion, but as time goes on it becomes challenging.  When kids are faced with challenges the first reaction is that they want to quit or they tell their parents they are “bored”.  When this happens the parents always come back to me and tell me “see I was right, he/she wants to quit”.

This I never fear because this is where I do my job.  When someone first originally enjoys an activity, sport, etc and then all of a sudden is not interested is because they hit a plateau and the easy thing to do is throw in the towel.  This is when I get to do my job, but it doesn’t start on that day when they want to quit.  From day one they will hear the instructor talk about never giving up, how to have a non quitting spirit.  Through the training when it gets tough we encourage our students to not quit, to preserver through.  Now, when it comes to that day then I dissect the situation.   Maybe it’s lack of progression, the class is to tough because they can’t figure out how to do the techniques correctly.  What ever the problem is I help them figure out the problem and eventually the thought of quitting is not even a topic of discussion.