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Hamburg Fight Night Features Four Debut Fighters

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Every new fighter needs a place to cut their teeth. That is exactly what the Hamburg Field House played host to for four new members of Team TSMMA Saturday Night. Hamburg fight night has hosted hundreds of TSMMA fighters over the last decade, but rarely was the card so stacked with newcomers.

Five Tiger Schulmann’s fighters made the trip to the old railroad town, and between them they sported one total fight. Granted Terron Cunningham made that a memorable one back in April with a TKO victory. It is a long history of successful fighters entering the USKA ring that gave confidence to Saturday night’s newcomers.

First up for team TSMMA would be a 15 year old Allentown student. Baltazar Belman has been training under Shihan James Simpson for three years. On Saturday night he would use that experience in facing fellow newcomer camden Conaboy of Hanover Academy of MMA. Belman came out like a hurricane pushing Conaboy against the ropes with a frantic pace.

The two young fighters put on a show for six minutes, trading hard punches and engaging constantly. Belman showed a warrior’s heart, never once backing down from a game Conaboy. He would respond well to corner instructions from Simpson who continually urged him to use his straight left hand. When Belman connected it staggered Conaboy, but the Hanover Academy of MMA student was up for the challenge as well.

After three hard fought rounds Conaboy came away with a close decision. Belman may have lost on the score cares, but based on the rousing applause of the hundreds of TSMMA fans, he won in the hearts of the crowd!

The aforementioned Cunningham was up next for team TSMMA. He would fight another 1-0 competitor in WAT Gym’s Brian Cubero. The Muay Thai fight would be held at 155 pounds.

This was a tale of two game plans. Cunningham is a slick southpaw who uses his length to creat enormous power. Cubero was looking to use his clinch to control things from the inside.

When Cunningham was able to stay at distance he land a series of right hooks and straight left hands that stunned Cubero. Cunningham was also successful with a strong left leg kick that landed to the body of Cubero with frequency.

Cubero was willing to eat a punch or two to get in range though. When he could get there he tied up Cunningham in a strong clinch and landed knees successfully.

Cunningham showed the same controlled aggression as in his debut. This time it was not quite enough to overcome his opponent who escaped with a narrow split decision.

Making the trip up the Northeast Extension from TSMMA Feasterville was Bob Smith. Smith earned his Black Belt in April after 8 years of training. Now he was looking to test those skills outside of Tiger Schulmann’s. Smith gave up the experience edge to Andy Tong. The Kings Thai Boxing representative recently won his amateur debut.

Unfortunately when Smith showed up at weigh ins his cornerman found out Tong was 30 years old. The 14 year age difference was an unfair advantage and Shihan Simpson wisely changed the fight to an exhibition.

All credit to Andy Tong who did a masterful job of making the young Smith work for his first trip into the ring. The two had some spirited exchanges in the three round fight with Tong using a succession of low kicks and Smith establishing straight techniques with jabs and front kicks.

With no need to declare a victor it was obvious both fighters benefited from the title.

Tack on 21 years and 50 pounds to the 16 year old smith and you get 37 year old Alex “Big Al” Border making his Kickboxing debut. Another student of Shihan Simpson, Border began training in 2013. He took to Kickboxing instantly and got the chance to step in against Super T Karate’s Cory Welch.

Welch and Border put on a show for the crowd. Early on in the fight it was Border showing crisp boxing skills. He was rocking Welch with simple 1, 2 combinations. The jab and cross were working and eventually set up some nice hooks as well.

Credit to Welch who showed an amazing chin as well as incredible power. Welch was loading up on right low kicks and crosses. He took the less is more approach by trying to knock out Border with every single shot.

Border followed Shihan Simpson’s instructions to the T though, sliding to the right continuously and for the most part avoiding Welch’s shots. The first fight of the night with 200+ pounders the two fought more like flyweights, slinging punches at each other all the way to the final bell.

Ultimately Border did more than enough to secure the victory. It was an impressive debut for the 37 year old TSMMA Allentown student.

Finishing up the night was Gerry DeJesus. The TSMMA Bethlehem student sought to even the teams record for the night. He would take on Jon Wonder of Nak Muay Gym and the two did not let down the crowd who stuck around until the very end.

DeJesus came out with a clear plan to keep his distance and land powerful punching combinations. At first Wonder tried to close the distance and work the clinch game. Unfortunately his plan backfired.

As the three round fight progressed DeJesus began to control every distance in the fight. He landed powerful body kicks from the right leg at long range, stinging cross hook combos from middle distance and even controlled the clinch with brutal knees from in close.

All together it was successful night for Team TSMMA. A rare 2-2 record for the team, but even in defeat Cunningham and Belman showed their potential while Border and DeJesus secured victory with impressive debuts.

Look for Bob Smith to get a more evenly matched opponent soon to make his competitive debut!

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4th Annual New York Boxing Tournament

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7/26/14 – International Boxing Club, Ridgewood NY

Congratulations to Billy Griffin and EJ Childs on competing in the 4th Annual New York Boxing Tournament. Both TSMMA Jr Competition team members boxed in the finals of their respective divisions. EJ Childs won the 80lb championship. Billy and EJ are certainly future TSMMA stars to look out for! 


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#Kickcancerinthefacefortodd Grows Through Effort Of Rachel Kendall

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It was a routine trip to the doctor that changed Todd Fertig’s life. Like thousands of adults, he thought he pulled a muscle in his back doing yard work. What he found out was a diagnosis that would scare even the hardiest of people.

News spread quickly, Advanced Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. In most cases it is a death sentence. For Todd Fertig, a 44 year old father of 3 kids, it meant the start of a fight. His own strength may have been inspiring to his family, but it didn’t meant they didn’t have their own moments to cry.

It was during one of those moments that Todd’s story was given to Rachel Kendall. The long time Tiger Schulmann’s Joshu and undefeated fighter was once roommates with Todd’s sister-in-law. Kristen Sigler is considered more second mom than Aunt by the Fertig kids. Kendall was the best friend she turned to for a chance to let off some steam.

“I just needed to talk to you because I just need to be totally unrealistic and I know you can think like that,” was the message Kristen Sigler gave to her best friend.

Unrealistic meant finding a way to raise thousands of dollars while maintaining the positive attitude that Todd would indeed conquer this terrible diagnosis.

Todd and Michelle had decided to put everything into fighting his cancer. That meant Michelle giving up her job and Todd putting aside his consulting gig until he was past the battle he faced. Of course the down side of this meant no income. The Fertig’s three kids still needed daycare, there would still be bills to pay, and both Michelle and Todd hoped to take advantage of new treatments not always covered by Health Insurance.

This is where Kendall’s mind immediately kicked in to high gear. It is often the simplest of statements that lead to the biggest of events. For Kendall it was one line she heard from her best friend.

“Man I really just want to kick cancer in the face!”

Todd uttered the phrase while in a hospital bed. Surrounded by family and already having lost a brother to the terrible disease it was an expression of frustration. What Kendall has turned it into has been downright unbelievable.

Shortly after hearing the news Kendall and her Fiancee, Joshu Shane Baker, taped a quick Facebook message and sent it out to the Tiger Schulmann’s family. Let’s #kickcancerinthefacefortodd.  The simple act of kicking x-ray paper or a heavy bag with an 8 1/2 by 11″ piece of paper with the word cancer written on it was something we all could do to support Todd.

Not only has the overwhelming response lifted Todd’s spirits and that of his mom, Teddie, it has also begun to raise some substantial money for the family.

With over 200 videos already posted to facebook and #kickcancerinthefacefortodd gaining steam every day, Kendall has raised more than $2000 for the family and let them know that there is a world of people out there who care enough to join in the Fertig’s fight.

It is a testament to the Tiger Schulmann’s family that from Connecticut to Long Island, New York City to Feasterville, Pennsylvania, Kendall has brought together people showing their suport.

If you haven’t done your part to #kickcancerintheface for Todd yet, grab a paper, write cancer on it, and do your favorite kick. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t even have to be strong, because it will raise Todd’s spirit and that is a cause worthy of all of us!

For more information and to donate to Fertigs family – click here 

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell



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TSMMA Boasts A Second Women’s National Golden Gloves Champion

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TSMMA Bay Ridge’s Joy Rotstein had some pretty big shoes to fill. Following in the footsteps of Sensei Munah Holland would be a challenge for anyone. Holland is iconic in the TSMMA Fight Team for her exploits in fighting and her unveiling as a leading female fighter in the country came with her Title as the National Golden Gloves Champion.

Rotstein competed this past week in the 2014 tournament after winning the New York Metro Gloves earlier this year. Some in the boxing world questioned her title as she received bye’s all the way to the finals before winning her fight decisively. She put those questions to rest with her dominating performance in Fort Lauderdale. Her expert tutelage under Sensei Nissim Levi, himself a veteran of NY Metro Gloves success, prepared her both physically and mentally.

Rotstein won fights on successive days last Thursday and Friday to bring the title home to Bay Ridge. Anyone who has ever fought knows the physical and emotional drain of fighting once, let alone twice in two days.

Congratulations to the latest in a long line of female fighters to showcase the success of TSMMA!


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Aggressive Combat Championship 7 Results

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Aggressive Combat Championship 7


7/12/14 – York College Arena
Jamaica, NY

Jerome Bourne (TSMMA) vs Victor Gonzalez MMA – 155lbs

Bourne Wins via Unanimous Decision

Nuchem Fischer (TSMMA) vs Luis Gonzalez Muay Thai – 135lbs

Fisher Wins via Unanimous Decision

Joshua Nielson (TSMMA) vs Tevin Mushin Dyce 125lb COMBAT BJJ – 125lbs

Dyce wins via Decision

Steve Eno (TSMMA) Vs Sturgos Mikkios Muay Thai – 155lbs

Eno wins Via Split Decision


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TSMMA Bay Ridge Represents At National Golden Gloves Boxing Tourney

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golden gloves

Team Tiger Schulmann’s is at it again in the National Golden Gloves Boxing Tourney. This time Joy Rotstein of TSMMA Bay Ridge took the trip to Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  Rotstein has been training under Sensei Nissim Levy for years. Levy was a former successful competitor in the New York Metro Golden Gloves tournament and now his students are taking his success a step further.

Rotstein won the NY Metro Gloves earlier this year to earn her trip to Fort Lauderdale to compete against winners from around the country. She is the spitting image of her instructor, harnessing skill, strength and tenacity to become a beast in the ring. Levy was known for his fearless visage in the ring and Rotstein’s smile outside the ropes belies her intensity inside.

That intensity, not only in the ring, but in the endless hours she has spent preparing with Levy. Her victory was wrought not in the few minutes in the ring Thursday night, but in the countless hours of regular classes followed by extra instruction long after many would have given up. 

Her victory is a testament to the incredible curriculum of TSMMA that not only prepares students in Kickboxing and Close Range Defense, but also is successful at the highest levels of boxing. More importantly it shows the underlying message of every TSMMA Bayside class that work ethic and perseverance are the key to achieving any goal.

Good Luck to Joy Rotstein in her upcoming Championship bout! We know she will represent TSMMA with the same skill and smile she always has and check back Sunday morning for results!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell




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Combat at the Capitale, June 13, 2014 Recap

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Combat at the Capitale,  June 13, 2014 Recap



Amateur Glory Rules, 3×2, 155 lbs. Men
Mike Trizano (Team Tiger Schulmann in Nanuet) vs. Nazim Sadykov (Lion Martial Arts in Brooklyn).

Where the common core standard is “protect yourself at all times”, failure administers its own punishment. Nazim Sadykov’s punishment comes from sloppy execution. With a wrong turn, he goes from a slight edge in Round One to Mike Trizano’s sledge hammer about midway through the match. Mike then proceeds to turn the tide against Sadykov. “Time and tide wait for no man.” The newbie from Team Tiger Schulmann wins going away.

Winner: Mike Trizano by Unanimous Decision: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.


Amateur Glory Rules, 3×2, 135 lbs. Men
Missel Sanchez (Team Tiger Schulmann in Spanish Harlem) vs. Daniel Nelson (Combat Sports Center in Richmond, Virginia)

How much sense does it make to judge a teacher’s job performance by test scores? About as much sense as judging Daniel Nelson’s teacher on the score of punches in bunches that land on his chin from Missel’s faster hands. Between nature and nurture, it’s a no brainer. Swifter always beats slower, except in a fairy tale. Missel Sanchez is another newbie from Team Tiger Schulmann, who looks like he might go places.

Winner: Missel Sanchez by Unanimous Decision: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.


Pro Glory Rules, 3×3, 140 lbs. Men
Julio Arce (Team Tiger Schulmann in Queens) vs. Brian Burgan (Soo Do Thai in Detroit)

It seems like Cruel and Unusual Punishment for a native son from Detroit – which has experienced so much heartache – to come all this way for a demolition derby in the shadow of Wall Street. Is there any place better at steam rolling whoever gets in the way of what it wants?

Unlike the loose cannons – which are apt to sink their own ships – Julio Arce takes aim at risk and opportunity. His exchanges with Brian Burgan are crisp. They’re also purposeful. Julio’s left is getting through. Burgan seems unable to defend himself against them. It looks – by the first round’s end – like Arce has managed to hurt Brian.

hey’ll tell you on Wall Street “buy the rumor, sell the fact”. Brian buys a bull dozer from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Julio sells him cab fare to LaGuardia Airport. Referee Chris Wagner paves the way with an early curfew, so they can both catch a pizza at Lombardi’s before Burgan hits the road back to Motown.

Winner: Julio Arce by TKO at 1:40 of Round 2.

Hitting the comeback trail, Munah Holland (Team Tiger Schulmann in New Jersey) fought an exhibition, after Anna Shearer was a late scratch, vs. Shayna Cox (Soo Do Thai in Detroit). Pro Glory Rules, 3×3, 132 lbs.