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Reigning Cage Fury Fighting Championships 170-pound titlist Jonavin Webb will defend his strap against Lyman Good on pay-per-view on Nov. 1.

The title bout will headline CFFC 43, which airs via pay-per-view both on cable via In Demand as well as online at The five-fight card, which takes place at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., begins at 8 p.m. ET and costs $19.95. The evening’s co-main event will pit Ronald Stallings against Tim Williams for the promotion’s vacant middleweight crown. Two other title bouts will take place on the main card, as Jimmie Rivera squares off with Anthony Durnell for bantamweight gold, while Zu Anyanwu puts his heavyweight belt on the line against Plinio Cruz.

CFFC is partnering with Go Fight Live and Integrated Sports Media to produce the pay-per-view. The preliminary draw will begin at 6 p.m. ET exclusively on

“This is, without a doubt, the finest and most complete lineup of top-level professional bouts we have assembled to date, so we are looking forward to crowning four new world champions in front of a live television audience on Nov. 1,” CFFC President Rob Haydak stated in a release.

Unbeaten in seven professional bouts, Webb captured the CFFC welterweight title with a third-round TKO triumph against Daniel Stittgen on Aug. 9. The Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu product has competed exclusively for CFFC since his pro career began in April 2012.

Good, the first-ever Bellator 170-pound ruler, first fought for CFFC on June 23, 2007, taking a three-round verdict over Doug Gordon. Following an 8-3 stint with Bellator, Good returned to CFFC on June 21, knocking out Matt Secor 4:21 into the first round.

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Woman defeats depression through kickboxing

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Princeton kickboxing helps woman conquer Bi-Polar disorder

There is a current article by Fox News circulating around the internet about how exercise can decrease the chances of depression. This is something that Tiger Schulmann’s student, Jaclyn P.  has found to be very accurate for herself. For 13 years of her life, Jaclyn has been living with Rapid Cycling Bi-Polar disorder and depression. Since the young age of 20, she has tried various medications prescribed to her by doctors, but none of them gave her the feeling of true happiness. She has even sought after further medical attention with 4 hospitalizations, and a more serious attempt with ECT (electric shock therapy.) None of these attempts brought her the happiness and normalcy she was looking for. The medications often led to weight gain and exhaustion, which brought Jaclyn’s confidence and self-esteem to levels of discouragement

As the article from Fox News tells; representative of the University College London, Snehal Pinto Pereira (member of the Institute of Child Health) conducted an experiment . This experiment concluded that people who are physically active through out their week have less feeling of depression than those who do not have any physical activities. The study had an average of 3 days a week for individuals involved, but those who exercised more than 3 times showed even less signs of depression.

Woman deals with being overweight and depressed

“Before I came to Tiger Schulmann’s, I had just accepted that this is how I am and there’s nothing I can do to change it and I pretty much became a victim of myself. I had no confidence in my self as a person, not just my appearance. I had the constant feeling that I was damaged and not fixable and also lived in a constant state of fear of my mental state.”-Jaclyn

In August 2013, Jaclyn decided to try her first activity as an  adult and took a kickboxing class at Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton. It was an exercise that not only left her feeling good physically but she also felt a difference mentally. The more classes she took the better her mental state became, and that naturally made her happier. Since our kickboxing classes burn over 800 calories in a 1 hour class, Jaclyn also saw a significant weight loss which built her confidence up. The mind intriguing work out of our kickboxing classes allowed her to find a new way to detach from her daily stresses, and led to a consistent decrease in medication doses. Even through one of the most mentally difficult years with the passing of her father, she has managed to rid all of her medications with kickboxing.

Woman defeats bipolar through kickboxing

“After just a short time of training I started to learn that I am stronger than I ever thought possible. Sensei Billings taught me that I AM in control of myself, mentally and physically, and I found the strength to take my life back. I no longer look over my shoulder in fear of what’s there, I look forward now with my head up confident that I can face whatever comes my way.”- Jaclyn

Jaclyn started at Tiger Schulmann’s feeling overweight, depressed, inactive and lacked confidence. Today she is feeling better than ever about herself and continues to train to make herself even better. She is down 2 dress sizes, and down to zero medications for her bipolar and depression. She has even begun training in our intermediate level classes to challenge herself further, with the goal to compete in our Challenge of Champions next year. She knows she deserves to be happy with herself, and she knows that kickboxing has helped her realize that. If she can do it, so can you!

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How to Prevent The Holiday Weight Gain

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Holiday Weight Gain

Most people fear the holidays for weight gain, but members at Tiger Schulmann’s never fear it


It’s that time of year again, the dreaded HOLIDAYS.  Where the wallets go thin and the belly gets fat.  For most people the average person gains anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds from November to January.  With all the holiday parties and yummy treats how can you resist?  I have a good tip to use, but I’ll get to that in a moment.


By training in the Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program Jen lost over 130 pounds!

Most of my students never have to worry about the “Holiday Weight Gain” problem basically because of the amazing workout they get in my kickboxing classes.  In each of my one hour kickboxing classes you’ll burn over 800 calories in just one hour!  Simply by learning authentic kickboxing.

By teaching my students how to properly throw these authentic kickboxing techniques they get an unequaled cardiovascular workout.  They’ll build the bodies engine, the heart and lungs.  By making the heart and lungs stronger my kickboxing students will have more energy throughout the day.  They won’t wake up tired and just want to crash on the couch as soon as they get home from work.  They’ll have the energy to do the things they want to do!

During my kickboxing classes the students hit my heavy bags which builds lean muscle.  What’s great about my heavy bags is that they are soft and very forgiving, so when you hit them you’ll get a great workout, they’ll results and at the same time not feel like a they’re hitting a brick wall like all the other kickboxing gyms.  I have seen them all and there bags are hard which will results in people holding back because they don’t want to get hurt.  Which will result in a bad workout.  Building lean muscle has many benefits for health and superficial reasons.  When you have lean muscles it makes you stronger and improves your appearance.  It increases your metabolism!   For example, if we are both sitting on the couch watching TV and you have more lean muscle then I do, then you will burn more calories then me just sitting there doing nothing.


These two men are instructors of Tiger Schulmann’s. The man to the right is 52 years old and the other is 30. Goes to show you how Kickboxing can benefit all ages.

Another great benefit of my kickboxing program is flexibility, which is the most neglected part of most physical fitness programs.  As we get older things start to bother us that didn’t before like lower back, shoulders, hamstrings, etc.  Flexibility will keep you youthful and athletic!  It also prevents injury, have you ever pulled a muscle doing something normal that shouldn’t have hurt you?  Well most people have and when you’re flexible that won’t happen!  In all of my kickboxing classes you’ll get a great flexibility workout!

All of my kickboxing students train all year round, so this holiday weight gain won’t even be an issue!  I said earlier that I have a tip with the holiday weight gain so here it is.  If you go to these holiday parties eat something healthy but small before you get to the party.  This way by the time you get to the party you won’t be starving and want to ravage the food.  You’ll eat a tiny amount of food because you already had a snack.  It’s a great way to still eat the yummy treats but not over do it!


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Martial arts: the only way to combat bullying!

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Martial Arts Builds Confidence

Karate kids with confidence and self-discipline

Confident Kids!

Bullying is a problem that never seems to go away.  As far back as I can remember there were bullies in school and in the neighborhood. My parents and grandparents said the same. Why is it that we can’t get this problem under control?

I believe the reason is that the approach society takes toward bullying is ineffective. If anything it just perpetuates the problem. In New Jersey, anti-bullying programs are mandated by law in every school system. Our kids are taught to ignore the bully or try to make them laugh. Telling the teacher just doesn’t work.  The state even grades the programs in the school systems. One such school district is Sayreville, NJ which received one of the highest marks in the state for there program. Sayreville High School has been in the news for the past few weeks for having one of the worst incidents of bullying that I have ever heard. We also make ridiculous laws that don’t work on anything other than putting money in lawyers pockets. As an accomplished martial artist and expert on anti-bullying, hear is what I say to these programs:

As adults we all know that if you ignore a problem it will more than likely get worse. If you make the bully laugh that doesn’t mean they will stop. Telling the teacher is a short term fix for a situation that will become a major problem when the teacher is not around. There is only one solution to a bullying problem.

Martial Arts Builds Confidence

Self-Confince through Masrtial Arts stops Bullies!


In order to stop a bully, a child must have the self-confidence to stand up for themselves. Confidence must be built in a child. You can’t ask them to just be confident or act confident. What children fear the most is getting hurt by the bullies. Even if the attacks are still verbal. The philosophy here at Tiger Schulmann’s, is to give children the tools they need to defend themselves against a physical confrontation so that they don’t have to. When a child has the ability to defend themself, they feel secure. They won’t be physically intimidated by anyone so they won’t be afraid to stand up to a bully when the attacks are still in the verbal stage.

If we can give our children the confidence they need to stand up to a bully then and only then bullying will be more under control. It is our responsibility as parents to make sure our kids are safe, even when we are not around. We have to make sure they know how to defend themselves.

My advice to you as parents is to bring your children to our BullyShield seminars at your local Tiger Schulmann’s MMA school. There they will learn all they need to know about bullies and how to diffuse the situation before it becomes violent. The seminars are free so you have nothing to lose. Your childs safety may depend on it. Call the school to find out the date of the seminars at your nearest Tiger Schulmanns location.



Call Tiger Schuklmann’s in East Brunswick to make your reservation for this life changing seminar! Change your child’s life today. Call 732-249-2467 for a reservation.

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Bully Shield Anti-Bullying Seminar this Weekend

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My Thoughts on the Bullying epidemic as it stands now.

Written by Scott Zapfel

Head Instructor Tiger Schulmann’s MMA

Wayne NJ


This past weekend I saw an anti-bullying news story on Dateline NBC.  They hired a few kids, two to act as bullies and one to be the victim, and put other kids in the room as well to see how they react.  Joining in or standing up for the victim.  It was interesting.  The thing that concerns me about this story was they were studying the actions of the “audience”.  Most times bullies do need an audience for their behavior, and if they get laughs they’ll ramp up the attack.  They mentioned over and over again which kids stood up for the victims, who laughed feeding the bullies fire, and how others reacted as well. It started out as a story on witnessing bullies.  Too many times others were expected to stand up for the victim.  Why isn’t the victim expected to stand up for themselves?

Anti-bullying programs must teach confidence

Bring your kid in for the best anti-bullying program around


At the end of the story they shifted to a girl who got upset when she saw the bullying because she is being bullied herself.  She was told to “find” the courage to stand up for herself.  “Find” it???  How can a young pre-teen or teen be expected to find her courage.  Does she go looking behind trees, or under rocks?  Its not possible to act confident or be confident without our own achievements.  Courage can’t be found if you do nothing build it up!  And what is it that builds confidence?  Achievement!  Anything a kid does that helps achieve real significant goals will build confidence.

Kids Martial Arts is the solution for anti-bullying

A bully always looks for someone he thinks is weaker to pick on


I’m not saying kids who have confidence won’t be picked on but the confidence from all the achievement will help them stand up for themselves and put a quick end to the bullying!


There a lot of different experts that will give you some similar and often contradicting advice, but my advice is get your child into an organized activity that will allow him or her to achieve some goals and you’ll see their confidence grow. I have seen many kids overcome bullies with the confidence of training in the martial arts.  Tiger Schulmann’s has been teaching anti-bullying for 30 years.  Increased strength, flexibility, and not to mention actual mixed martial arts techniques that teach you self defense, standing up or on the ground, will do wonders for your child’s confidence, I can promise you that.

With great focus learning anti-bullying techniques is very easy

A disciplined atmosphere is the key to achievement


Dateline NBC, NJ’s governor, and anyone else who brings up the topic of bullying for discussion are doing the right thing, but in the end, putting a stop to this problem lies in the hands of the victims.  Kids are bullied for many reasons, and some times for no reason at all, it won’t stop until these kids who are the victims get involved in something and build their confidence through achievement.  No one can find their confidence if they haven’t created it yet.  Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Anti-Bullying Program ultimately does one thing, build confidence! 1-800-52-TIGER.


This Saturday, October 18, Tiger Schulmann’s will be hosting its annual Bully Shield Anti-Bullying Seminar.  Give your child the non violent solution to bullying once and for all!!! Call 973-988-1207 for reservations.

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Part 3: A Physical Conditioning Program Must Include…

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The three aspects of any effective physical conditioning program are Cardio, Strength Training, and Flexibility.

At the end of any workout that gets your heart rate up, builds muscle and gets you sweating, be sure to include Flexibility Training.  Building muscles stronger without stretching them will cause them to become stronger, but shorter in length, creating less range of motion.  The proper way to stretch as indicated by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is to hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds to the point of slight discomfort and repeat two to four times.  There are no exact rules as to which stretches to include or duration of stretching session, but try to include most major muscles and spend 10-20 minutes stretching every day. 

physical conditioning should always include stretching

Stretching keeps you youthful and athletic

To avoid “overstretching” make sure you only stretch real hard on days you really warm the muscles up good with a strenuous workout.  Don’t stretch with full intensity every day, for example, if you work out three days a week, then stretch hard on those three days after the workout, and just a light flexibility workout on the other days.

Depending on your age, genetics, and overall fitness, everyone will experience different results from their flexibility training as part of your physical conditioning.  Some may see quick gains in flexibility limits while others may see very minimal or no gains initially.  Do not be discouraged by this.  Realize, as with anything, time will allow you see results, just don’t give up before you start to see them.  Even if you don’t notice your flexibility limits increasing, you may feel less and less discomfort when stretching, and that is a great result right there.

stretching will take your physical conditioning to new levels

Make stretching a part of every workout

Most adults will never achieve full splits if they never had them when younger. But, the most important part of flexibility training is not to get into a split, but to increase your range of motion, and prevent injury during working out.  I have seen adult students who were barely able to cross their legs in a pretzel stretch initially, and after a few weeks or months, get 50-100% further.  It all comes down to consistency. Just as with any part of your physical conditioning program, consistency is the key to being in shape all year round.

Keep your body hydrated, ingesting appropriate amounts of water helps with muscle and skin elasticity.  Dehydrated muscles, lead to cramping and decreasing of flexibility.  So keep drinking lots of water and stretching, these are essential elements to overall fitness.

This concludes the three part discussion on total fitness which as mentioned above includes muscular development, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility.  Be sure to go back and refresh yourself on the first two parts as were previously discussed.  Good luck to everyone in their quest to be stronger, more flexible, and healthier.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)988-1207 for best physical conditioning program you have ever encountered.

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Combat at the Capitale 34 Results

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boxing events - combat at the capitale

October 17th – Capitale, NYC

Malik Blake (TSMMA) vs Chris Edmund – 175lbs Title Fight

Blake wins via decision – defends title

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA) vs Orondi Henry – 138lbs

Sanchez wins via decision

Shennen Maceo (TSMMA) vs Brian Burgan – 147lbs

Maceo wins via 2nd Rd TKO

Munah Holland (TSMMA) vs Jennie Nedell – 130lbs

Nedell wins via decision

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Level 3 of bullying – Bully starts physical violence

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“A Bully is neither brave or strong unless we give him our strength. By not standing up to a bully you empower them. You give them all the power and they feel they can do anything to you they want. This is very dangerous. Please join us on Saturday October 18th at 1 pm at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Mount Kisco To learn how to stop a bully.

A bully is usually more scared than the victim. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. They are hoping and praying that the victim will back down and not stand up for themselves. If one does the bully will most likely back down and move on to the next victim. If the victim doesn’t stand up then the bully is empowered like they have never been before. They feel strong and invincible like they can do whatever they want to someone. This is very, very dangerous. There is no telling what the bully will do. That is why it is so important to stop bullying the right way. 

Martial arts gives the tool of confidence to stop bullying

Training martial arts gives kids the much needed experience of being a violent situation. This experience gives them the confidence to stand up and say “No!”

We’ve gone over both level 1 bullying as well as level 2 bullying already. Those are the best times to stop a bully. We are now dealing with a situation where we did not stop them there. By not doing so we have given all the power, all the control to the bully. The feel incredibly powerful. They tested the water and it feels great to them. Now they will start to get physical. They will do things like smack you in the head or tripping you so you fall. Maybe going as far as punching or kicking you. The verbal abuse will get down right cruel and vicious. The bully sees that you won’t fight back so there are no restrictions on them. They can do whatever they want because you gave them all the power.

The victim is now left with only one way out of this dangerous situation. They must fight back. They really have no other choice. If someone ever puts there hands on you it is not only your right but your responsibility to defend yourself. The biggest problem I think we have here is fear. If you have never been in a fight before the fear of one can be paralyzing. You literally freeze up and your body doesn’t react like your brain hopes it will. Trust me when I say you don’t want your first fight to be with someone that really wants to hurt you. Kids that train karate, kickboxing or jiu-jitsu are placed in stressful situations regularly. They won’t freeze. They will be able to react swiftly and with complete control. They have face much tougher opponents than some bully and have come out unharmed so fear of getting hurt won’t be a problem.

“If you allow a situation with a bully to escalate to the point where you need to use your fists to handle it then you messed up somewhere along the line. Handled correctly it will never get violent. Handled correctly you will stop it before you need to use your fists. The best self defense is one you never have to use.”

There is another fear. One that would have been baffling to me as a child but is very prevalent today.  Not necessarily the fear of getting hurt but more so the fear of getting in trouble. Schools today have a “Zero Tolerance” policy. This mandates that the victim gets in as much trouble, sometimes more than the bully when they fight back. When I was young if a kid was bullying you, eventually you would beat the bully up. When the teachers found out the usually knew who the bullies were and figured that justice had been served. That is not how it is today. This “Zero Tolerance” policy is wrong. It gives the bully more power as it takes away a basic right of the victim. I remember my son telling me he was being bullied in school when he was in second grade. A fifth grader was pushing him and some of his friends and I told him to push him back. His fear wasn’t that he’d get hurt but that he’d get in trouble. This policy had my son scared to protect himself. His mother and I told him he may go to the principals office in school but when he came home he’d be going to the toy store. We would be so proud that he would deserve a reward.

Stop a bully with self defense like karate or grappling

Kids that know how to fight are less likely to get into fights. That is a fact.

Do not let bullying get to level 3. If it does there is no way out other than to fight. I train many wonderful kids martial arts. I do so to empower them with the tools of self discipline, self defense and self confidence. Still I hope they never have to use their skills. I hope they are never forced to protect themselves or someone they care about. Trust me thought that if they are forced they will be prepared. I always say in a situation like this where you are being bullied, pushed to the limit then someone is going to walk away from that situation unhappy. It better be the bully. Come to my seminar on October 18th at 1pm and give your kids the tools to stop bullying.

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Karate Classes For Kids Builds Confidence

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Self Defense builds confidence not sports

Unfortunately kids that are not as talented as others take the bench, which destroys confidence.


Have you ever been to a little league game?  If so, then you must have noticed that there are certain kids that sit on the bench for the entire game. That’s just the nature of the beast.  If you’re good then you play, if you’re not then you get benched.  Now imagine if the same kid rides the bench each year that his parents make him play baseball or any other sport, it could decrease the kid’s confidence.

One of many reasons why I love Tiger Schulmann’s is that ALL kids participate.  Karate classes for kids is a great way to build a child’s confidence. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, my karate classes for kid swill truly build the confidence and skill levels.  In each and everyone one of my classes, the structure of the class will remain the same, but the formats to our karate curriculum changes.  The kids will increase their focus and become physically stronger. Every time they hit the bag in their karate stances they will become empowered and confidence will start to develop!

Through consistent training in karate the student’s technique will be sharp and powerful!  The uncoordinated becomes coordinated.  The shy kids will shine with an outgoing personality, the weak becomes powerful, lack of discipline the kids follow directions and the in-confident becomes confident.  All of this is possible in my karate classes because every time a student comes that student trains.  Not only does the students always train, but some of our karate students grew up, stuck with Tiger Schulmann’s and now competes in the UFC.  Which is the elite of all fighting competitions in the entire world!  Goes to show you what a little classroom participation can do!