Gymternative: noun, [jim - tur - nuh - tiv] An alternative to a gym.

If “gymternative” isn’t a word, it should be. Millions of people are looking for one. Why do people keep quitting gyms and health clubs? Because gyms are B-O-R-I-N-G. Gyms are so boring, they need TV’s to keep their members awake. For those of you looking for more motivation than a gym can offer (a gymternative), Nothing else is Tiger Schulmann’s.

Tiger Schulmann’s is an invigorating, total body (including your mind) workout. And unlike a gym or health club, you’ll want to go, because the workout is more fun and the experience is more rewarding. Really. 99% of our adult students were once gym members. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Schedule a beginner trial and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, other than pounds (Sorry, that was a little corny…then again, so is gymternative).

Tiger Schulmann’s workouts are fun, friendly, positive, and stimulating. And the Tiger Schulmann’s workout will get you in the best shape of your life. No matter how much you weigh, whatever belt you are, whether you’re a man, woman, or child, Tiger Schulmann’s is right for you. Our qualified black belt instructors know your name, know your goals, and know you.  Classes  are fun, challenging and keep you coming back because you want to…nothing else is Tiger Schulmann’s. We are no ordinary health club.

If you’re not motivated now, you will be. You’ll walk out feeling great after every hour class. The Tiger Schulmann’s workout is designed to exercise every part of your body without you even noticing… because it’s fun, motivating, you’re learning… and you see progress! Amazing progress! …the kind of results gym members can only dream about. A total body workout means no chicken legs, no muffin tops. You’re working all your muscles evenly and getting cardio and flexibility to boot (another pun). You’ll get a great body and you’re not thinking about how tired your legs are. You’re gaining confidence and learning self-defense skills that last forever as well as save lives someday. This is a true gym alternative.

You’ll learn kickboxing the right way to learn kickboxing. Why not? You’re doing it already anyway. And if you’re doing kickboxing at a gym or health club, you’re probably learning from an instructor who means well but is teaching you, at best, a version of exercise and at worst, will hurt and injure you. With Tiger Schulmann’s 30 years of knowledge to assist them and at least  10 years of training behind them, our instructors know how to teach kickboxing to maximize fitness and other benefits. What life skills do you get at a gym or health club?… other than learning how to fight boredom? Try the gymternative.

Come in to Tiger Schulmann’s and a great body is just the side effect. Besides a great bod, you leave with a plethora of skills and benefits that’ll put pep in your step and change the way you live life. And finally, NO, you won’t get punched (unless, of course you join the 1% of our students who choose to participate in our MMA events). Tiger Schulmann’s (gymternative) workout is more fun and beneficial than a gym or health club, a true alternative to the gym. Besides, would you rather be a gym rat or a tiger?


Do you offer classes for beginners?

Yes, we offer beginner classes for adults and kids. No experience required.

How many times per week do I attend?

We recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Many adults like to attend three or more classes per week.

Tiger Schulmann’s has allowd my child numerous opportunities to succeed on the mat. At home as well as at school, my child exhibits all the skills taught to him by Shihan and Joshu Ramirez. My child shows leadership among his peers and has not been in any predicaments at school where he is not comfortable. I would highly recommend Tiger Schulmann’s to any child and family.
Alejandra C. Yonkers
Tiger Schulmann’s is more than a MMA school, they are a family. They don't only make sure your child learns the skills to defend themselves on the streets but Shihan and Joshu Ramirez make sure that your child becomes a well rounded individual. They promote good grades, how to become a good member of society, how to be a good friend and leadership skills. We look fowrad to attending class on a daily basis.
Mailyn I. Yonkers