Law Enforcement


No one needs to know martial arts more than a police officer

Since the benefits of martial arts training are well known, including self-defense, physical conditioning, confidence, self-discipline, and stress relief among others, let’s talk about the top two adult benefits and why they can have a major impact on a police officer’s job performance and safety. Although, police officers will appreciate all of benefits – especially stress relief!

Self Defense

While the public only needs to worry about their own self-defense, a police officer’s job is to defend themselves and the public simultaneously. To further complicate the situation, members of the public can use virtually any method of self-defense available while facing little to no scrutiny, including escaping if possible, whereas, every action a police officer takes will be highly scrutinized and they are expected to see each incident through to a safe conclusion for everyone, even the assailant. The public can attempt to avoid danger by walking on the other side of the street, while an officer is expected to cross the street and confront it. This distinction requires a high level of martial arts training in order to accomplish safely.

police training martial arts and close range defense

Compare this need to the reality, that while the majority of police officer training focuses on weapons, the majority of real world use-of-force situations involve hand-to-hand…the skills officers are trained for the least.

Physical Conditioning

Most people look to physical conditioning for the health benefits and to look and feel better about themselves. Compare this to a police officer, whose very safety along with the safety of the public they protect, may depend on their level of physical conditioning. Just as a police vehicle is designed to maximize protection and performance in a variety of situations, a police officer’s own body must do the same for them when they are out of their vehicle.

In order to outlast and outperform the threats they face, officers need a specially designed physical conditioning program that will enhance their hand to hand combat skills and endurance. While many police officers choose the gym where they perform many of the same exercises an average person would, they would be much better served by obtaining their physical conditioning through a martial arts/conditioning program designed to enhance their job performance.

Police officers deserve to stay safe

Police officers are heroes. Tiger Schulmann’s believe those who risk their lives in the service of others deserve our appreciation, respect and support.

How does a police officer protect themselves while adhering to the department’s rules and restrictions? Every situation is different. But what we do know is that it is much more likely an officer will be in a hands-on use of force situation and can be ready for it, if it does happen.

Martial arts training will not only get anyone in the best shape of their life, it will give police officers the tools needed to help them on the job and keep everyone, especially themselves, safer.


Do you offer classes for beginners?

Yes, we offer beginner classes for adults and kids. No experience required.

How many times per week do I attend?

We recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Many adults like to attend three or more classes per week.