Amazing Weight Loss In TSMMA Bayridge Brooklyn NY MMA


BY: TSMMA Bay Ridge

My name is Ashlee Altman and I became a part of the Bensonhurst Tiger Schulmann’s school two and a half years ago. I walked into the school at roughly 172 pounds at 16 years old. I trained under the two most dedicated and talented instructors in the whole organization – Sensei Sean Nolan and Sensei Nissim Levy. They were the ultimate dynamic due. Today At 19 years old, I walk around at roughly 135 pounds. Throughout the course of my training, I had acquired skills that enhanced both my physical and mental well being. I never thought that I could achieve the what I thought was “impossible”. Sensei Levy always said “If it hurts don’t quit, it’s working!” As Sensei Nolan screamed “Go Go Go” in my ears when I felt like giving up, on I went and I am not stopping now. He taught me to “remember seeing myself pass the finish line” and I can vividly see that image and you can too!

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