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Billings, Pace, & Rivera Earn Sensei Promotion, Kohler Promoted to Joshu

Last Updated on June 10, 2014.

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6/10/14 – Elmwood Park, NJ

It was a very special day at TSMMA HQ today as 3 long time students,and current head instructors were promoted to the rank of Sensei. Head Instructors Anthony Billings (TSMMA Princeton), Nick Pace (TSMMA Tottenville), and Jimmie Rivera (TSMMA NYC) all attended Tuesday Instructor training as the rank of Joshu for the last time. Following Tuesday Training, Shihan Tiger Schulmann, along with brother Shihan Ron Schulmann promoted all 3 to the rank of Sensei. After countless years training as aspiring students, leading as head instructors and competing under Team Tiger Schulmann’s the three young men finally earned the rank of Sensei! Congratulations to Sensei’s Billings, Pace, and Rivera.

Also Promoted today, was Ryan Kohler of TSMMA Danbury. The head instructor of TSMMA Danbury earned the title of Joshu today as he was promoted by Shihan Tiger Schulmann and Shihan Ron Schulmann. Congratulations to Ryan on the promotion. This was a day to remember at TSMMA HQ!

Below is an image gallery of Today’s Promotions: