Gramercy Mixed Martial Arts Student Thwarts Shoplifter

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Store Manager Stops Shoplifter With Mixed Martial Arts

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA NYC

Enrique Gonzalez always felt he would enjoy Mixed Martial Arts. Little did the Gramercy store manager know how quickly that love would impact his everyday life.

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Gonzalez Learns Effective Techniques In A Safe Environment!

 Gonzalez walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Gramercy on September 4th feeling like he wanted to give his competitive fire an outlet. He had watched Mixed Martial Arts on tv and wanted to try it himself. Despite loving his day job, he didn’t want to have any regrets.

The 37 year old found out the two passions could go together.

Martinez Has Only Been Training For Two Months!

Gonzalez Has Only Been Training For Two Months!

 On October 30th, Gonzalez was performing his regular duties at work when things changed quickly.

Gramercy MMA Student Has Confidence To Act

“I caught a shoplifter and he was giving me a hard time,” says Gonzalez. “Once I called the police on him, he went crazy.”

For most people this is the time when they panic and either freeze or run away. Not Gonzalez. Instead he relied on the techniques he had been drilling for two months.

His instructors at TSMMA in Manhattan don’t teach him a new move every single class. Instead Gonzalez drills the same few techniques for three weeks.

TSMMA in Gramercy Curriculum Helped Martinez Hold Shop Lifter Until Police Arrived!

TSMMA in Gramercy Curriculum Helped Gonzalez Hold Shop Lifter Until Police Arrived!

 “We know that repetition is the key to learning something,” says Sensei Carlos Brooks, himself a professional Mixed Martial Artist. “With Enrique he works so hard every class he has been able to pick things up very quickly. The combination of our Close Range Defense curriculum and his hard worked proved to be successful.”

Core Mixed Martial Arts Technique Proves Successful On Street

“He was trying to leave the store. I grabbed him by his arm and did the submission (armbar) that I learned in grappling class at TSMMA. I was happy I learned some good moves. The thief was saying hey, you’re gonna break my arm. I said if you move I might,” Gonzalez said while laughing. “I didn’t, but I wanna thank TSMMA Manhattan.”

Martinez' Instructor Carlos Brooks Is Also A Professional MMA Fighter!

Gonzalez’ Instructor Carlos Brooks Is Also A Professional MMA Fighter!

 Who knows what the outcome would have been if Gonzalez’ hadn’t learned techniques proven to work in a street situation. Gonzalez for one is happy he chose TSMMA in Gramercy. Not only are classes focused, challenging him for an hour at a time, but in two months he has already learned enough to help him in real life.

Looking for a different work out, one that teaches a life skill at the same time? Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Manahattan in Gramercy or register at the top right and take your FREE Trial Class. See what Enrique Gonzalez saw, you can get the best workout and learn real self-defense at the same time!



TSMMA Seaford Student’s Life Changing Choice “Tiger Schulmann’s has Truly Helped Me Get My Life Back”

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By:Bobby Price – TSMMA Seaford

Tiger Schulmann’s has truly helped get my life back!! It made me so strong mentally that I was finally able to deal with my terrible adversities with a strong mind.

I want people to hear my story, even though it is a personal one I feel it should be told. So much of what happens to your body can affect it mentally as well as physically. So let me not beat around the bush, I was a guy for years that had his life in complete order and did everything by the books and as far as my training goes I was in out of gyms for years. So I was always in pretty good shape, ate well and never drank or smoked. But this was until back in 2010 when tragedy struck in my life. My Mother died of a sudden heart Attack. This was one if not the hardest experience I have ever went through and had hoped it was the last.

In the following year of 2011 my Marriage of 20 years had come to an end. I had to endure a painful and completely heartbreaking divorce. At this point I was so completely hurt I did not think anything else could get worse, but I was wrong. The year after that my father passed away of a heart Attack. So within 3 years my wife and parents were painfully gone and taken from my life. I have to be honest I wasn’t sure where to go or how to go about handling these life changing of events. They had completely knocked me down and I could not get up. The stress alone was eating away at me and I Iost about 20 lbs in the process (Not healthy weight) and looked like death myself.My DJ Company I had owned for 20 years was falling apart and did not have the energy to try and saved it. I had 3 children who needed me and I just could not get a grip on my own life. What was a solid life up until 2010 had fell apart just like that in an instant.

I can not describe the feeling I got when I got to class other than I felt that this was a place where I was meant to be.

So in April of 2011 a friend had talked me into Meeting Sensei Belluomo the instructor of the TSMMA Massapequa which is now the Seaford school. So I decided to sit and watch a class and even began thinking about taking a free trail class. So I decided I was going to take the plunge and I joined Tiger Schulmann’s. I can not describe the feeling I got when I got to class other than I felt that this was a place where I was meant to be. I felt that I actually belonged here and that my training here really meant something to me and even the people around me. I was started gaining this amazing discipline of being able to control my life. I was starting to put some muscle weight back on.

I was started gaining this amazing discipline of being able to control my life. I was starting to put some muscle weight back on.

Training under Sensei Belluomo made me feel I could do anything. He would constantly talk to me and boost my confidence to never give up every chance he could. I developed a relationship with all my class mates and we would look out for each other. I felt like I had a purpose in life again and even started to smile again and in turn my training regimen began to get better and better. So I am now going on my second year, I am sound mentally as well as physically. I was in shambles when I walked in the office 2 years ago, today at 52 years old I am doing things I thought I never do. I am in tip top shape, I even have my fellow classmates saying to me “Hey Price your looking good out there”. I take 4 classes a week and I’m loving it, My discipline in class as well as on the outside of class is excellent. My DJ Company has made its way back mainly from my huge gain of self confidence. Even on top of that I now landed a new job as Security at a hospital and my relationship with my children is better than ever.

On top of that I am in the best shape of my life, which I thought could never even be possible at the age of 52.

Tiger Schulmann’s has truly helped get my life back!! It made me so strong mentally that I was finally able to deal with my terrible adversities with a strong mind. On top of that I am in the best shape of my life, which I thought could never even be possible at the age of 52. So for those you out there that don’t think it possible to come back from adversity, or to even use something as kickboxing as a way to build strength through the mind as well as body, I am full proof that YES it can be done. Let Tiger Schulmann’s help, this is not about one or two classes, it’s a change in lifestyle and a true path to happiness as it was for myself and this is a path I intend to pursue for the rest of my life.

So for those you out there that don’t think it possible to come back from adversity, or to even use something as kickboxing as a way to build strength through the mind as well as body, I am full proof that YES it can be done.


Bobby Price

Bethlehem Mother Finds New Life With Martial Arts

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Who Knew Kickboxing Could Change Your Life

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Stacey Duck was looking for an activity for her two year old. What she found was a life changer. The call to Sensei Robert Villafane of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Bethlehem didn’t go exactly as planned.

Villafane informed a disappointed Duck that her son was a year too young to even try a class, but told her to come down and check out a free class for herself.

Duck’s immediate thought? This guy is a classic salesman.

In hindsight she is thankful that didn’t stop her from taking him up on his offer to try a kickboxing class. Joining Tiger Schulmann’s Bethlehem has changed her life in more ways than she can count.

Bethlehem Mother of Two Waits For The Toughest Test of Her Life

Bethlehem Mother of Two Waits For The Toughest Test of Her Life


Kickboxing Teaches A New Life

“I didn’t know life could be like this,” says Stacey Duck in her Black Belt Test Speech at TSMMA Bethlehem. “I thought being a good fifty pounds over weight was normal. I was a mother of two, it’s just the way it was.”

When Sensei Villafane invited Duck to try class, she didn’t realize there was an outlet for her to become healthy. During her first class she saw the outlet and knew it was going to be a blast.

“I loved every minute of it,” says Duck. “I could only do one sit-up and I pushed out three pushups on my knees, I could not stop smiling.”

Duck Kickboxing During Her Black Belt Test

Duck Kickboxing During Her Black Belt Test


Duck made some changes at home, changing her eating habits, while adding exercise to go along with her two hours a week Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s Bethlehem. The results were unimaginable to the mother of two.

“I lost 45 pounds in four months and dropped six dress sizes.”

The 28 year old could now fit into a size two, a size she initially outgrew before middle school!

“It was probably one of the happiest days of my life when I buttoned those jeans. I put on a bikini for the first time at 28 years old and I rocked it!”

Martial Arts Now a Two Way Street for Duck

Initially a student, Duck’s Kickboxing training has gradually added a second aspect. Now she helps Sensei Villafane at Tiger Schulmann’s in Bethlehem, managing the school for him as he teaches classes for six hours a day!

Duck Shows Proficiency at Close Range Self Defense During Test

Duck Shows Proficiency at Close Range Self Defense During Test


“I love the mission we have here. Sensei truly cares about all of his students. He knows exactly when to be compassionate and when to kick his students in the (butt)!”

“I truly love what I do.”

What Duck is doing is testing for her Tiger Schulmann’s Black Belt. Students must demonstrate a proficiency in Kickboxing and Close Range Self-Defense commensurate with a professional competitor in those disciplines.

Duck has spent years training for this moment. With the help of her amazing training partners and the incredible teaching ability of Sensei Villafane, Duck is ready to overcome her biggest hurdle as a Martial Artist.

Duck has found a second Home at TSMMA Bethlehem

Duck has found a second Home at TSMMA Bethlehem


Whether she passes or not is irrelevant. Her training will not stop one way or the other and she WILL accomplish this goal. What is truly important is she has taken control of her life. Today Duck is healthy, physically and mentally, a phenomenal role model for her two kids. Someone who is a true example of what a person can do with the “non-quitting spirit” she learned Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s Bethlehem!


Lawrenceville Martial Arts Classes Build Success

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Lawrenceville Instructor Teaches Most Important Martial Arts Lesson

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Joshu Tony Billings is living his passion. Every day he goes to Tiger Schulmann’s in Princeton and teaches Mixed Martial Arts to his more than 200 students. For Billings, still in his early 20’s, it is the culmination of a decade of his own training. He began as a student in Tiger Schulmann’s Chalfont and immediately discovered his love for Martial Arts.

Bililngs Provides Discipline for Lawrenceville Area Students

As a young student the disciplined environment, and the conversations about the importance of Self-Discipline given by his own Sensei, Michael Marchand, resonated with Billings.

From the time he was 16 years old he began helping Marchand every day. He assisted teaching classes from 4 o’clock in the afternoon right up until 10 at night. At the same time he continued his own training, sharpening skills that have seen him become an undefeated kickboxer and successful grappler on the competition scene.

Martial Arts Classes Taught Him the Path

For Billings his success has been the result of the Self-Discipline taught to him by Marchand. The idea of having a clear goal to focus on and then not giving up until it’s achieved has been a constant for Billings over the last decade.

It started with a simple desire to earn a Blue Belt (the first new color a student receives). That quickly turned into a quest to achieve Black Belt. Finally he set goal to become a certified instructor, a rigorous test overseen by Shihan (Japanese for Master) Tiger Schulmann.

Martial Arts Classes Made Bilings Successful In Competition

Having successfully completed all these tasks, Billings set off on the next logical step. He enrolled in college and applied the same Self-Discipline to achieve very high marks. Taking out humongous student loans was not daunting to Billings, who had the Confidence he would be able to pay them back through hard work. Nevertheless after three years he realized it didn’t make sense. His true passion was teaching Martial Arts Classes, why keep accruing debt for college classes if he didn’t have to.

This led to a new goal. That of becoming Head Instructor for his own group of students instead of working under Marchand.

Martial Arts Talent Needed For Lawrenceville/Princeton Area

This choice led Billings to begin training directly under Tiger Schulmann in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Only 21 at the time, Billings talent was apparent immediately. He was training with professional Martial Artists like Welterweight World Champion Lyman Good, and UFC veteran Nick Pace. He wasn’t overwhelmed, nor overmatched.

A few months later, Tiger Schulmann was in need of an instructor for Martial Arts Classes in the Princeton/Lawrenceville area. He tabbed Billings for the job and for the past three years, Joshu Billings has been teaching his students the same method for success Tiger Schulmann’s MMA taught him.

Disciplined Martial Arts Classes First Step to Self-Disciplined Students

His passion for his students, incredible talent at Martial Arts, and ability to teach discipline both through the structure of his class and motivating talks has quickly turned him into a mentor for hundreds of students both young and old.

Looking for someone to teach your kids how to succeed, not only in Martial Arts, but in life? Sign up for a free trial class at TSMMA Princeton and see what all the hype is about!


Syosset Martial Arts Instructor Instills Discipline of Karate in Generation of Students

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Discipline Key To Teaching For Syosset Instructor

by: Sensei Thad Campbell

Teach someone to how to succeed at one thing and you teach them to succeed at anything! That’s the driving force behind Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Nick Gravina’s teaching philosophy. First and foremost he teaches his students the foundation of success. Secondary to that is the individual techniques of Self-Defense.

So what is the foundation of success. It’s a formula Gravina first learned himself as a student at Tiger Schulmann’s Karate in the 1980’s. While the techniques Gravina is teaching have improved over the last 30 years, the formula is still the same!

Syosset MMA Instructor Draws Discipline From Karate Upbringing

Karate Taught Him Self-Discipline

For Gravina, his start in traditional Kyokushin Karate taught him more than Self-Defense. It was the theme of focus, perseverance and a positive attitude he heard in every class that resonated. It resonated so much that he quickly found himself on the path to teaching himself.

He has been Head Instructor of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Syosset for more than 20 years. During that time his incredible passion has been passed on to thousands of young students who have learned his secret to success. By showing them how focus and a “non-quitting spirit” lead to success at anything he has inspired a generation of local kids to push themselves to be great at everything they do.

His enthusiasm and skill at his chosen profession are so great that he has inspired more than a dozen of his students to go on to successfully teach Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts themselves.

Belt System Passed Down From Karate

In traditional Karate students had very defined goals to achieve a promotion to their next level. As schools have cropped up throughout the United States students are routinely passed to a new belt simply for showing up for class a number of times.

Sensei Gravina has never lost track of the importance of Achievement in building a students confidence. If he simply allows a student to proceed to a new belt without achieving something of value the belt has no meaning and instead of building a students confidence, can take confidence away!

Traditional Karate Belt System Gives Students Defined Goals

Gravina interacts closely with each student to make sure they have clearly defined goals in each and every class. His rules do not vary and it makes for a sense of comfort for his students. At the same time those goals are challenging enough to push a student to their limits. By helping his students achieve things they might have thought impossible, he teaches that Self-Discipline will help them achieve anything.

Transition to MMA Doesn’t Leave Karate Spirit Behind

Over the last twenty years Gravina has not lost his own passion for training in the Martial Arts. Routinely traveling to Elmwood Park, New Jersey to train with the 70 other instructors throughout the Tiger Schulmann’s organization, Gravina has sharpened his own skills.

His constant training has helped him better serve his own students. By constantly improving his own technique and learning the most effective techniques of a Mixed Martial Art, Gravina is able to prepare his students more quickly to face any real world Self-Defense situation.

TSMMA Syosset Creates Family Atmosphere

His training partners include some of the most successful Martial Artists in the world. He frequently trains with former World Champion Lyman Good and current and former UFC competitors like Louis Gaudinot and Nick Pace.

While honing his own skill at Mixed Martial Arts to a high level and passing it on to his students, Sensei Gravina has not left behind the roots of his Karate training. The Personal Values and Self-Discipline of Karate will always be at the heart of his teaching.

His mastery of this process is what has made him a staple of Martial Arts in Long Island for two decades and what keeps students coming back to his school for years!


Abington MMA Instructor Instills Self-Discipline He Learned From Martial Arts

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Joining Karate Changed His Life

At the age of 13 a young kids life can go in many directions. For Abington TSMMA Instructor James Garzillo that direction was going the wrong way until he joined Tiger Schulmann’s. At the time Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts was actually Tiger Schlumann’s Karate, still teaching the Kyokushin Karate that Shihan Tiger Schulmann learned as a young boy.

Garzillo walked into the school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with his brother Andy and his life slowly began to turn in a new direction.

At the time Garzillo joined the school he was actually not attending regular school. His parents had pulled him out of public school in the fourth grade after a number of moves the family made to follow his fathers work. Registering him for new schools had simply become overwhelming and his mom began to home school him. It slowly turned into a young boy who had for all intents and purposes dropped out.

Sensei Garzillo Instills Karate Discipline in His Students

Sensei Garzillo Instills Karate Discipline in His Students

Things changed when at thirteen he began filling his free time with Martial Arts. A prodigy from the time he entered the Tiger Schulmann’s in Bethlehem, the future Sensei excelled at all areas. Showing championship caliber form in the “Kata” that traditional karate was known for, it was actually the other areas of Tiger Schulmann’s, sparring and the newly introduced grappling that truly sparked Garzillo’s interest.

Self-Disicpline of Karate Leads to Graduation

More importantly than the techniques he was learning in class, were the lessons he was learning from his Sensei, Robert Villafane. Villafane’s constant message of improving your life through hard work and perseverance made Garzillo begin to take stock of his life.

At fifteen he began studying diligently for his GED. At sixteen he took the test. After completing the exam, Garzillo waited for his test to be graded. Among a group of more than a dozen testers, the administrator singled out Garzillo to speak with him afterwards. He had scored a perfect 100% on his test, something the administrator had never before seen on a GED.

He left Garzillo with the message that he should make something of his life and that’s exactly what he has done.

He began assisting his Sensei at TSMMA Bethlehem at the age of 15 and moved to a full time position at TSMMA Allentown shortly after his GED.

His Self-Discipline in Martial Arts soon led him to stand out among his fellow students and he was invited to take his training to the next level. He started travelling to Paramus, New Jersey three or four days a week to train directly under Shihan Tiger Schulmann.

Just as in his own school, Garzillo stood out. Shihan (Japanese for Master) began booking kickboxing matches for Garzillo where he again excelled.

After three years of training with the TSMMA fight team, Garzillo received the highest praise from Tiger Schulmann. He was invited to become the Head Instructor of TSMMA Abington at the tender age of 22.

Tiger Schulmann's Abington a Bright Light in the Community

Tiger Schulmann’s Abington a Bright Light in the Community

Life Change For Abington Martial Arts Instructor

Garzillo immediately took over the school and used his Self-Discipline to turn it into one of the most successful of the nearly 50 Tiger Schulmann locations. In fact it’s one of the most successful Martial Arts Schools in the whole country.

He teaches every class with the same focus and positive attitude he asks of his students and his constant presence is reassuring to both young and old as they attempt to achieve their own goals.

Now ten years into his tenure as Head Instructor of TSMMA Abington, Garzillo has helped over a thousand students reach their own goals while continuing to pursue his own.

Abington Instructor Rode Discipline to Multiple Championships

Abington Instructor Rode Discipline to Multiple Championships

His competitive career has been marked by multiple kickboxing championships as well as a Mixed Martial Arts title. He is currently a professional MMA competitor, on sabbatical since the birth of his daughter. His skills in competition are translated into his students among whom he has also taught multiple champions in all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts.

Garzillo’s leadership is unparallelled in the local Martial Arts scene. The importance of Self-Discipline in his own life has led him to be uniquely qualified to help impart it in his students!


by: Sensei Thad Campbell

Not All Exercise Programs Are The Same: TSMMA v. Cross Fit

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Cross Fit Newest Fad Workout

By: Sensei Thad Campbell TSMMA Feasterville Head Instructor 10 Years Experience

A recent article I came across in the New York Post highlighted an issue I’ve understood for years as a Martial Arts instructor. Instead of being healthy for you, exercise can have the exact opposite effect if not properly overseen by a professional instructor. Most fad exercise programs have no formal accreditation system. Anyone can do it. The programs that do have a certification system are rudimentary at best. In fact the standard would shock the average consumer. For instance a typical personal trainer at the gym can be on the job after a weekend course that lasts for less than a full day.

I’ve been teaching MMA for ten years now and in that time I can remember at least five fad exercise routines bursting on the scene. Zumba, Pilates, P90X, Spinning and most recently Cross-Fit (I can remember aerobics bursting on the scene if you must know, I can also remember the resulting low impact aerobics after millions of participants found the impact on their joints to be damaging). There will never be a stop to the trend. While Martial Arts has lived on into it’s 6th century as a means to a healthy mental and physical lifestyle, other workouts continue to reinvent themselves constantly in an attempt to keep their practitioners intrigued. The routine itself is not enough to keep the mind occupied during exercise, so the routine itself must change constantly to create that excitement.

Cross Fit has a group of 20 somethings the world over enamored, but will they still be able to use it for exercise in their 40’s?

There are a couple major problems with this. The first and most important problem is what exercise is designed to accomplish. The point of exercise is to get the body in shape, not to injure yourself. While the concept of muscle confusion popularized by P90X and embraced by Cross Fit is great in theory for getting and then keeping the body in shape, it is also important that a person learn proper technique so as to avoid injury in their exercise routine. If the routine itself is constantly changing then it is hard for a person to master proper technique. Without proper technique you increase the chances for injury exponentially!

The second problem is that if a person has to constantly search for new routines to keep them interested it is much more likely they will give up on the routine altogether. Human beings are motivated by results. Improving at a routine is key to enjoyment, but the routine itself must be exciting as well. This is the major reason my average students trains for 3 years. Measure that against a gym where the average client lasts 3 weeks!

Lifting Heavy Weights like Cross Fit espouses can be dangerous especially if your body is not used to it and you use improper technique!

Cross-Fit is the latest of these workouts to take over the national consciousness. It espouses high intensity, short duration exercises that vary greatly from week to week. A circuit of exercises of varying numbers of stations is set up and students are either given a time frame in which to count their repetitions or a vice versa. An instructor will walk through the different stations and instruct on what’s expected and then set up students in their respective stations.

In some cases an instructor may actually take the time to stress the technique needed in each exercise for students to avoid injury. But the whole premise of the routine is high intensity in a short time, thus stressing the exact opposite of going slowly and practicing solid technique. This pushes students to train beyond their level, encouraging injury.

This is in direct opposition to what TSMMA has been teaching for 30 years. The important thing is not how quickly you get in great shape, but how long you stay in great shape! It should be a lifetime goal.

We want to exercise in a fashion that is sustainable for life. Short bursts of high intensity exercise using weights far beyond our bodies daily typical use serve only to stress our bones and joints and shorten our long term ability to exercise. Short bursts of a workout using our own body weight, done with proper technique and increasing gradually in intensity as our body adapts is the key to long term fitness.

Gradual Improvement Key To TSMMA Success

What keeps the average student training at TSMMA for far longer than any other exercise routine or other Martial Art for that matter? It is professional instruction! Our instructors at each and every location are trained on how to build someones health for the long haul. Instead of stressing short term improvement, we stress short term technique. A few weeks of doing something slowly to master the technique will lead to a lifetime of doing something fast to keep yourself in shape. A few weeks of doing something fast with no technique will often lead to injury and jeopardize a persons long term health.

30 something mother of two uses TSMMA to achieve beach body!

While a cross fit operator may open up a school with little or no certification, for Tiger Schulmann to allow someone to teach in one of his schools they must put in hundreds of hours of training, both practical and in the classroom. They must also continue their training forever in order to maintain that certification.

Joshu Alexander uses eight years of experience to assure his students train for health, not for injury!

One of the main teaching points we go over weekly is how to make sure our students get a proper workout, but in a safe environment. Injuries are going to happen in any exercise routine. However, through in depth teaching of technique and moderation of expectations we as instructors can limit the number of injuries to our students significantly.

TSMMA Instructors know exactly what their students are going through. We are students as well!

By our own ongoing training we understand firsthand the possible pratfalls students may encounter during training and also understand how each technique must be taught to be most effective. Only after years of training can a student truly understand enough to become a teacher!

TSMMA Feasterville’s Instructors boast over 18 years of teaching experience and 25 years of traning between them!



MMA Helps Graduate Student Relieve Stress and Gain Confidence

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MMA Helps Graduate Student Relieve Stress and Get In Shape at TSMMA Princeton

“It was a pretty simple decision for me to join because I realized that Tiger Schulmann’s provided me the opportunity to achieve my goals in physical fitness, self-confidence and stress relief.”

Marcus J. was looking to relieve the stress of everyday life and the stress of being a graduate student. He also wanted to do something that would keep him in shape. Taking class with us, he has been able to achieve both of these goals and begin his journey to achieve martial arts knowledge. Not only has he gained knowledge in MMA but he has also found our classes as a helpful tool in gaining knowledge academically. The discipline, confidence, and stress relief are the tools that helped. This Princeton University graduate student has a bright and successful future.

“I survived my second year of graduate school, I have increased my cardio vascular and muscular endurance, and I even have increased my self-confidence.”


Marcus J.’s Testimonial:

“I joined Tiger Schulmann’s Princeton last fall at the start of my second semester of graduate school primarily to keep in shape and relieve stress. I had always had an interest in learning martial arts as a method of self defense and building my self-confidence. Last fall I walked past Tiger Schulmann’s while doing some shopping in Mercer Mall and I realized that I had access to an MMA school right in my backyard. In my first year of graduate school it was often difficult for me to set aside consistent time to exercise and decompress. It was a pretty simple decision for me to join because I realized that Tiger Schulmann’s MMA provided me the opportunity to achieve my goals in physical fitness, self-confidence and stress relief. After my first beginner class, I realized that the intensity of the training was like nothing I had ever done before. It was a much greater challenge than any workout that I had done before.

Since joining TSMMA I have maintained a consistent weekly schedule and the results have been tremendous. I survived my second year of graduate school, I have increased my cardio vascular and muscular endurance, and I even have increased my self-confidence. Joshu and Adrian saw my potential and work ethic and have continually pushed me to train harder.

As a result, in the 9 months that I have been at Tiger Schulmann’s I have moved into the intermediate/advanced kick-boxing and Muay Thai classes and competed in an organized kick-boxing tournament. There is really no greater reward than to push yourself towards a goal and really see the results! Thanks Joshu and Adrian!”

Parent Testimonial – How My Son Overcame Bullying

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By: Jon L., Rego Park Student/Parent

“After watching Bully, the movie you both strongly recommended to me, I felt compelled to write this e-mail to the two of you and any parent with a child between the ages of 10 and 17. This movie was not a feel good movie, with a happy ending, but real people sharing their stories with regard to their children’s endless torment at school at the hands of a Bully/Bullies (to the point they felt absolute despair with no light at the end of the tunnel). I highly recommend to all parents that they watch it with their kids!

What was so interesting to me during the movie was that I certainly related to several of the parents with my own child. David is an easy going, and empathic kid, who was picked on due to his weight and was perceived as being an easy target. Of course, I would tell him to try and reason with the Bully and defend yourself as a last resort. However, when you have a really good kid, who is intimidated, they have a tendency to yes you to death (instead of taking action they don’t believe will help the solution).

In my case, there is a happy ending with my child David. I have been in martial arts on and off for the last 35 years; however, it was joining Tiger Schulmann’s that truly enforced the words I have been telling David for several years. First, I sent David to the Bully seminar that you ran and David thoroughly enjoyed the class (he brought his friends to a subsequent seminar). Next, I addressed his nervousness in taking classes, telling him that he will work-out with kids his age and at his level (I was studying at Tiger Schulmann’s for several months at the time). Once he started, you can see the change in his confidence almost immediately. You could tell that the words kids used had much less effect on him (certainly this was a combination of Tiger Schulmann’s teachings and constant positive reinforcement at home telling him that it’s the Bully who has the insecurities and not you…you are a wonderful and positive kid).

Fast forward to today, not only will the Bullies avoid David for the most part but when he defends one of his friends they leave them alone as well. I am not saying he will not get picked on in the future; what I am saying is the Bully will have their hands full if they want to push it to the next level (Bullies tend to pick on the “sheep” in the group).

To further illustrate my point, let me tell you the last incident I had with David’s school and two Bullies in his class. As usual, David initially took a passive role in interacting with two completely disruptive and nasty kids (they were physically and verbally abusive); however, this time David told me that if these kids didn’t stop touching him and/or verbally berating him he was going defend himself.

Instead of telling him everything will be alright, I told him if either one of these kids touches you again with a pencil to defend yourself (I certainly don’t condone violence but these kids were out of control in his class…my wife was not very happy but understood my logic). The 2nd thing I did, I wrote a letter to his teacher telling her that my child trains at Tiger Schulmann’s and if either kid goes to stab my kid with a pencil again I am giving him permission to defend himself….of course, this was after David repeatedly asked the teacher to move his seat). As you would suspect, the teacher stepped in and took care of this issue beautifully.

Jon L.”

Comfort Zone Left Behind..”Not only am I Fit, and Strong, I Have a Huge Extended Family!”

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Stacey Duck wins gold

A Woman’s Perspective on TSMMA Training

By: Stacy Duck – TSMMA Bethlehem

Not only am I fit, and strong, I have a huge extended family – and all because I left my comfort zone and tried just one class.

BETHLEHEM — I had never heard of Mixed Martial Arts, or the UFC, when I began training at Tiger Schulmann’s. I didn’t know what kickboxing was, and I’d never heard of grappling. I came because I met Sensei Villafane at a community event, and training looked like a lot of fun. I was nervous to come to my first class alone, because I’d never joined a gym before, and I wasn’t very athletic. My biggest physical accomplishment was walking my dogs a couple miles a day.

I was nervous to come to my first class alone, because I’d never joined a gym before, and I wasn’t very athletic.

Well, after one class, I was hooked. I loved hitting the bags. I loved kicking the shields. I didn’t care that I was clumsy, that my technique wasn’t perfect, or that a lot of the people on the mat were men. I couldn’t stop smiling, even through my sweat.

Well, after one class, I was hooked. I loved hitting the bags.

I never imagined that I would progress past the beginner class, where we only hit mitts and practiced kick techniques on x-ray paper. I couldn’t imagine grappling – and definitely not kickboxing. Now I’m training towards my black belt, and have won national grappling competitions. I compete, and win, in kickboxing competitions sponsored by Tiger Schulmann’s, as well.

I’ve learned that Tiger Schulmann’s is so much more than a gym – it’s a family, and a lifestyle.

In the last five years, the number of women at our school has really grown. We’re about 50/50 now, so even though I really enjoy training with the guys, there are plenty of ladies for me to train with too. I’ve learned that Tiger Schulmann’s is so much more than a gym – it’s a family, and a lifestyle. We have annual parties and picnics; I’ve known many of the children in the classes from when they were in diapers.
Not only am I fit, and strong, I have a huge extended family – and all because I left my comfort zone and tried just one class.