Woman’s search for a workout routine is finally over with Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s

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“I belonged to a gym, but never got much out of it. It was always crowded, distracting and boring.”

By: TSMMA Ramsey

About a year ago, I received an email advertising a special for kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s in Ramsey. At the time, I was in a friend’s wedding and was just looking for a short-term way to get in shape. I did not anticipate how much I would enjoy it, or that a year after joining, I would be hooked!

With a full time job and other responsibilities, I always found it difficult to fit exercise into my schedule. I belonged to a gym, but never got much out of it. It was always crowded, distracting and boring. I like running outside or on the treadmill, but often find myself making excuses to avoid it. However, my kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s seem to have provided everything I was looking for in a workout. Having a set class schedule keeps me motivated to attend. My classes have become a part of my weekly routine and soon after I joined, I found myself looking forward to each class.

“In addition to the incredible workout that encompasses cardio, strength training and flexibility, kickboxing has provided me with the life skill of self-defense.”

After just a few months at Tiger Schulmann’s, I started noticing differences in my weight, energy level, strength and flexibility. Each week’s workout is different and the challenging classes are fast paced which keeps your mind focused and engaged. However, the benefits of Tiger Schulmann’s go way beyond a great workout. It’s a welcoming environment with friendly and knowledgeable instructors where everyone supports each other. In addition to the incredible workout that encompasses cardio, strength training and flexibility, kickboxing has provided me with the life skill of self-defense. Most importantly, I feel empowered and have gained a sense of self-discipline I never seemed to find with the gym or any other workouts.

“My search for a workout routine is finally over.”

My search for a workout routine is finally over. If you are looking for a place to get in shape, become motivated and learn something new, Tiger Schulmann’s is the place for you!

-Megan Major-

Broadway Star Finds Kickboxing in Ramsey as the Way to Stay in Shape!

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Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Ramsey features a Broadway star, Linda Gabbler…

By: TSMMA Ramsey

This is her story…

For over 30 years I have been in the entertainment industry, as a performer as well as behind the scenes in many Broadway shows. I have starred in Damn Yankees (with Jerry Lewis), Victor Victoria (with Julie Andrews), Thoroughly Modern Millie and Young Frankenstein, just to name a few.

I had always counted on the shows I was doing to keep me in shape. I thought I was in pretty good shape, but when the show I was doing, ended, within a short amount of time, I began to feel sluggish and started to worry as there is a history of high blood pressure and heart disease in my family. One day, on a whim, after seeing an ad for Tiger Schulmann online, I called and scheduled a free kickboxing class. I was interested in finding a conditioning routine that I could stick with.

That first class was so intense and wonderful! I was hooked. Within three months I had lost 13 pounds, noticed a full body transformation and felt stronger than I had in my twenties. Now, a year and one month later, at the age of 49, I have easily maintained a weight of 120′ and have more energy and stamina than I have ever had in my life. I no longer worry about my health because I am physically so much stronger. I have also learned the valuable skill of self defense which has been such an incredible and important added bonus.

If you are done with boring workouts, contact your local Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, and ask about a free trial class to get started. It will change your life, just as it has changed mine!

Q&A: Missael Sanchez, TSMMA Amateur Fighter

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by Dax Alexander

Misseal Sanchez and Friday Night Fights

Images © 2013 Photoburns.com. See gallery and purchase photos here.

Missael Sanchez of TSMMA Manhattan won his debut kickboxing fight against tough opponent Alan Stoffel (Dogen Gym) at the March 1st Friday Night Fights. He won via 3-round unanimous decision after a fast-paced, action-packed match. Getting into the ring for the first time is tough, and Missael was kind enough to share some of his experiences by answering a few our pesky questions.


When did you start training at Tiger Schulmann’s?
Not very long ago actually. Started in August of 2011, so been training for one and a half years.

Did you have any prior experience?
Not exactly, I did about two months of Muay Thai at another school.

When did you know you wanted to become a fighter?
When I got punched in the face and said, “Hey, it’s not that bad!”

How long did you train for this fight?
For a looooonnnnnggggg time. I was originally going to fight at Combat at the Capitale and trained for months for that fight, but my opponent failed to make weight that night, so the fight was scrapped. I just kept training hard until I got a new date.

What was a typical training day like?
Simple: It was long…
Wake up at 6:30am. Eat.
Take the bus to TSMMA headquarters in NJ. Get there by 10am.
Train for 3 hours.
Shower, eat and head to work. Get there by 2pm and work ‘til closing (10pm).
Put in another hour or two of training.
Go home. Shower. Eat. Sleep.
Wake up and repeat.

What was the hardest part of your training camp?
Oh man, the DIET!. Brown rice, chicken, brown rice, turkey, brown rice, chicken, brown rice, turkey, repeated about 700 times.

What was your biggest fear going into the fight?
That I’d let my nerves get the better of me and not perform at my best.

What was your favorite round?
The second round. Definitely.


He went down, and I was a lot more relaxed.

When’s your next fight?
Friday, May 10th at Friday Night Fights

What will be the focus of your training camp?
The same as always: Train hard. Get better.

What do your parents think about your fight aspirations?
My mom didn’t like it at first, but she sees how hard I work so she supports me.


Dax Alexander is a mixed martial arts practitioner, personal trainer and writer for NewYorkNYMMA.com. Follow Dax on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DaxMMA


Q&A: Malik “Heartbreak” Blake, TSMMA Amateur Fighter

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Malik “Heartbreak” Blake Answers Questions About His Debut Boxing Match and Training at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA

by Dax Alexander

Malik Blake at Hoboken Fight Night VIII

Photos by FightNightPics.com

Malik Blake recently won his debut boxing match against Connor McFarland via unanimous 3-round decision at Hoboken Fight Night VII. It was Malik’s second time in the ring, and his second unanimous win. Though training as a mixed martial artists at Tiger Schulmann’s Manhattan Gym, Heartbreak, like many MMA fighters, decided to try his hand at boxing (literally). He sat down and answered a few questions about his fight camp and training in general.

When did you start training?

I started training about 3 years ago. I saw the movie “Never Back Down” and instantly fell in love with MMA. It’s a little weird because literally the next morning I got a call from one of my friends telling me how fun MMA is and that I should go and train with him at his gym. I was in there the next day… And that was the start.

What made you choose Tiger Schulmann’s?

I got an invitation into Tiger Schulmann’s, but what convinced me was watching all of the catchy Tiger Schulmann’s commercials. Those things used to come on my TV back to back. That “Kick it with the tiger” song is engraved into my brain lol

How long did you train for this fight?

3 months. I know, it doesn’t sound like much but those 3 months felt like 3 years. But I’m glad I trained that way because it definitely paid off. It’s the best feeling to be in a fight and come off the chair fresh when your opponent is winded.

What was your diet like?

I don’t diet, I eat what I think works for me and work hard to burn it off. That said, I tend to stay away from soda and fried food.

As an aspiring MMA Fighter, what were some of your concerns about going into a boxing bout?

I was nervous because I was going up against a boxer. I train in Mixed Martial Arts. All that guy does is box. I mean, yeah, I was nervous and knew he was going to be good, but I never put myself down; I know I’m fast and I’m hard to hit, so that was my game plan, hit and don’t get hit. It worked out pretty well. I fought a good fight against a great opponent and barely got touched.


True. Your movement was incredible, so what was your main objective going into the fight?

My main objective was to win. I really want to stay undefeated throughout my ENTIRE career, Amateur & Professional. I felt that I was going to win, but I was worried that I’d let the pressure and the crowd get to me and not be able to perform. But I didn’t, and I beat the guy, so it’s cool lol.

How many days a week did you train?

I trained everyday. Monday through Friday were my hardcore training sessions and the weekends were light training days.

So you were in the gym everyday? What inspires you to work so hard?

Well, a few years ago I made a promise to my mother. I told her that I would move her to a house anywhere she wants in the world, and she will never have to pay another bill again. So every time I have the urge to quit, I think about the smile on my mother’s face when I tell her she doesn’t have to work anymore. I just want her to be proud and happy. It’s a bit ironic because although she’s scared out of her mind to watch me step in the cage or the ring, I’m fighting for her.

What? Your fight career scares your mom?

Are you kidding? My mom is TERRIFIED! She always tells me that there are other things I could do in life. I used to mess with her and tell her that I had fights scheduled against guys that were undefeated with like 20 fights just to see the look on her face. It’s hilarious. When I had my first fight she was absolutely beside herself in fear, but as she saw how dedicated and hardworking I was, she started to calm down.

I’ve trained with you bro. Your mom should be scared for the rest of us. Not for you, lol. But seriously, without pressing you for your actual age (many of your new fans want to know) tell me this: Are you old enough to vote and/or drink?

Very funny. Yes, I am old enough to vote, and I don’t drink alcohol. It would affect my training.

Good stuff. So tell me, who are some of your inspirations?

Floyd Mayweather, Jose Aldo, Adrien Broner, Jon Jones, all of the young champions. They inspire me so much because that’s where I’ll be someday. They prove to me that it’s possible to be a world champ at a young age.

That’s a good list. Those are some great athletes with amazing skillsets. Speaking of skillsets, what are your favorite moves or techniques?

I can’t tell you my favorite moves because people will start looking out for them in sparring, but let’s say I love my right hand.

Noted bro! Thanks for taking time to let us know more about you and your training at TSMMA.

Look for more of Malik’s upcoming fights this year! This guy is championship bound.


Dax Alexander is a mixed martial arts practitioner, personal trainer and writer for NewYorkNYMMA.com. Follow Dax on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DaxMMA


From Shy and Bullied to Confident Success on and Off the Mat

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by Dax Alexander – TSMMA Manhattan

Jordan Sosa

Last year, Jordan Sosa received his black belt in Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, in Manhattan. Achieving your black belt in an MMA school like Tiger Schulmann’s requires considerable training. You must master American kickboxing and Muay Thai standup techniques, and although TSMMA is perhaps better known for its world-class striking instruction, you must also prove that your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, wrestling and grappling skills are highly advanced. So, while Jordan’s accomplishment is unique, part of what makes his story amazing is that he’s 11 years old. The other part? Well, for that, we’ll have to go back a bit.

Millie Sosa walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Manhattan school in 2005 with her shy five-year-old son in tow. She was at the end of her rope as a young mother. Having recently witnessed a group of older boys bullying her son Jordan in a local park, she and her husband Rafael felt they needed to do something more to protect Jordan in those moments when adults could not intervene. Sensei Lopez greeted them at the door of the school, and with a terrified Jordan hiding behind her, Millie explained that she had seen a commercial for Tiger Schulmann’s kids and wanted her son to learn to defend himself if he ever needed to. Despite the expense of an MMA training program being added to the family budget, the Sosas knew that it was their only recourse to protect their then introverted son from bullies.

“Give Me 6 Months”

Jordan’s early experiences in training were very difficult. He’d often need to be excused because he was just too scared to continue in class. This continued for several weeks, and his parents considered pulling Jordan out of the program. It was then that Sensei Lopez took Millie aside and asked that she step back and give him 6 months to work with Jordan. If after that time she didn’t see dramatic improvement, she could go ahead and pull him out of the school. In a short time, however, the Sosa’s realized that wouldn’t be necessary. By Jordan’s six birthday, his attitude towards training changed completely: He became enthusiastic and wanted to train daily.


Jordan’s training proceeded and his advancing skillset became clear. Soon his instructors believed he was ready to enter a few local martial arts competitions beginning with Tiger Schulmann’s own Challenge of Champions (COC). He won that first competition and many more since then. In fact, he won just about every kickboxing or grappling competition he entered. His current tally of awards includes an impressive 12 first or second place COC trophies and two NAGA expert division championship belts.

Over the years, Jordan excelled in his martial arts training and was promoted through the ranks as his skills and expertise developed. He studied under world-class fighters like Sensei Lyman Good, Nissim Levy, Uriah Hall and Carlos Brooks, and at the age of eight, though he had received his brown belt, it would be another two years before his instructors felt he would be ready to prepare for his black belt test. When this time finally came, however, Millie worried that Jordan’s grades would start to slip as he poured all his energy into training four days a week. Jordan trained constantly, even at home, doing pushups and situps in his room every night before bed. Somehow, however, Jordan was able to keep up with his schoolwork and maintain his honor roll status, and in the summer of last year, Jordan went to Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ where he successfully completed his black belt exam.


Jordan receives his black belt from Shihan Ron Schulmann. Left to right: Joshu Adam Rosello, Sensei Lyman Good, Sensei Uriah Hall, Jada Sosa, Sempai Jordan Sosa, Shihan Ron Schulmann, Joshu Sofia Gegovic, Sensei Carlos Brooks

Jordan’s competitive success expanded beyond martial arts

Jordan’s parents also noticed that the focus and dedication he developed in his MMA training started to show up elsewhere. He began receiving perfect conduct grades at a young age in school and made the honor roll every year. It became abundantly clear that Jordan’s competitive success had not been limited to martial arts when in 2012, he received a highly coveted academic scholarship to attend Cardinal Hayes High School. As with any scholarship, the selection process was extremely competitive, but Jordan’s experience of prevailing in high-pressure martial arts matches proved handy. He took to it like any other challenge, and after a series of written exams, essays, and interviews, Jordan won the prestigious award, which will cover his tuition at the reputable Hayes High School when he attends in 2014. In the meantime, the scholarship will pay his schooling costs for the 7th and 8th grades and provide supplemental advanced preparatory coursework on the weekends.

Today, Jordan’s martial arts learning continues. As a black belt, he’s begun taking adult kickboxing and grappling classes with Shihan Ron Schulmann, as well as helping teach kids classes in the afternoon. While it’s been tough to balance his demanding academic, football practice and mma training schedules, Jordan’s journey has gone from being a bullied child to becoming an accomplished role model for many, including his little sister Jada, who’s now training at TSMMA as well. His story is a living lesson in how Tiger Schulmann’s martial arts program positively affects young lives.

Sosa Family at NAGA Philly
Jordan wins NAGA 2013 Philadelphia Championship Expert Division. Left to right: Millie Sosa, Joshu Jimmy Rivera, Jordan Sosa, Rafael Sosa


Last Day to Order – Top 7 Reasons to Get your TSMMA School T-Shirt and Hoodie

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By: Dax Alexander – TSMMA Manhattan

Last day to Order New TSMMA school t-shirts and hooides is Today 11/15/12! Here are 7 good reasons why you should be hitting the order button right now.

7. Black goes with everything
In today’s fashion-savvy world, it’s important that you convey both a sense of style and originality. Basic black is by far the most trendy of all colors, and it goes with every color, season and occasion. With your school name printed crisply on the back above the TSMMA logo, you’ll be the envy of all fashion-conscious minds.

6. In case you get lost
Let’s say you wake up somewhere with no earthly idea of where you are or how you got there. Well, if you’re wearing your school t-shirt or hoodie, there’s no need to worry. With its clearly legible font and bright white and red logo, you will be instantly recognized as an MMA practitioner who should be somewhere training. Any passerby would point you in the direction of your home Tiger Schulmann school so you can rejoin your brethren and sistren in kickboxing class.

5. Because you have fights to go to
The next few months are going to be spectacular for TSMMA. We have students and instructors with fights coming up, and you’ll need to wear something fancy to these events (See reason #7). Don’t even think about putting on civilian clothes. You’re better than that. The only thing in your wardrobe worthy of said outings is a TSMMA school hoodie and matching t-shirt. They will show your school pride, and that great figure you’ve developed.

4. In case there’s school-vs.-school Kung-Fu battle
Remember those old Kung Fu movies in which rival dojos went to war. Well, wearing your TSMMA school t-shirt or hoodie will show that you’re on team TSMMA along with hundreds of fellow students from all over the Northeast and Florida. No mere kung-fu rival would dare approach you. OK, this one is a personal fantasy of mine and would never happen, but it would be pretty cool.

3. The COC
What has three letters, happens twice a year and is awesome? (Don’t say pie. That doesn’t even make sense.) It’s the COC, silly. Every June and December, students from Tiger Schulmann’s schools come together at the Challenge of Champions (COC). Did you know that the COC is the largest MMA competition in the country? So, the only thing better than wearing your TSMMA shirt at such a prestigious event is wearing one with your school’s name printed on it. So, whether you’re competing, volunteering or going to support others make sure you order yours today so it arrives in time!

2. Because you’re a bad@#$, and everyone should know it
Let’s just call it. You train. You train hard. Whether you’re hitting the bag in beginner kickboxing, sparring or taking it to the ground and grappling, you’re doing some of the most intense exercise ever conceived by humankind. That’s something to be proud of, and there’s nothing like a TSMMA hoodie and t-shirt to tell the world at large that you can handle yourself. Crowds parting as you walk through them would not be unheard of.

1. Assist Sensei Domingo with relief and rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.
Long time Sensei and School Owner Vincent Domingo (TSMMA Garden City) and his family were greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. Residing in Massapequa, NY, the Domingo family experienced 5 feet of sewage water and falling trees destroying their house, car, and all personal belongings. Sensei and his family have only the clothes on their back. Tigear will be donating a portion of the proceeds on all orders of Custom-Printed School Uniform Tees, Pullover Hoodies, and Zip Jackets to Sensei Domingo and his family.


Did I mention that the hoodie has a zip-up version?

Stop reading. Go order. Then go train!

Film maker uses TSMMA Bayside to film scene with Charlie Murphy

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Film maker uses TSMMA Bayside to film scene with Charlie Murphy

Film Maker Uses Bayside Karate School to Film Scene with Charlie Murphy

Alfonso Johnson head of A.R.T House Film Works chose Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Bayside to film a scene for his new film “A Saturday is a Terrible Thing to Waste“. The scene starred actor Charlie Murphy of Hollywood fame who is also a practitioner of martial arts. Johnson also used some of the Tiger Schulmann’s instructors and students to complete the scene. The film is a comedy and will be shown at various film festivals across the world.



Train @ TSMMA Bayside