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Bully Shield Event Educates Kids on Dealing with Bullies

Last Updated on September 29, 2014.

Put an end to Bullying for Your Child

Coming Soon!  Bully Shield!  Saturday, October 18, 2014 Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Wayne, dozens of kids and their friends and families will attend Bully Shield.  This seminar is gear towards showing kids what may happen during confrontations with bullies, verbal and physical and the right ways to handle different situations.  Students and instructors role play and act out many different scenarios, many with humorous results, but all with a serious message…

“Bullies are out there, but with confidence and knowledge on handling them, no one will ever bully you.”

Put an end to bullying
Kids learning the non-physical way to end bullying

It is really kind of sad, that so much effort, time and resources have been wasted on trying to legislate bullying out of existence.  Many of these programs have already been labeled failures by the school systems themselves.  Even our state government has legislated what has been called the toughest anti- bully laws in the country.  Unfortunately, what ultimately happens is bullying still goes on and in many instances; good kids who aren’t bullies somehow get caught in the bureaucratic red tape and get labeled as bullies themselves!

no more bullies
Putting an end to Bullying

The solution is simple; just ask any of the thousands of kids who have overcome bullying issues through martial arts training…CONFIDENCE.

Parents, counselors and teachers all suggest to kids to use their confidence and stand up for themselves, but the problem is, what if a kid doesn’t have any confidence?  How do they get it?  Where does it come from?  One place for sure…Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.

Bully Shield is part of every single class at Tiger Schulmann’s.  Get your child the confidence they need!

Please Call 973-988-1207 to reserve your spot at this annual can’t miss seminar event to put an end to bullying in your child’s life, or to make sure it never starts!