Challenge of Champions 46 Recap & Team Champions

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Challenge of Champions 46 Recap & Team Champions

On June 2nd, over 1600 athletes from across the Tiger Schulmann’s organization gathered in Edison NJ to compete in the 2019 Challenge of Champions event. Students both young and old squared off against their peers in a competition of skill. Each school showcased their top talent in the disciplines of kickboxing and/or jiu jitsu. In front of cheering crowds, students displayed their skill and dedication for friends, family and spectators alike.

Challenge of Champions 46 Winners Collage

For many students competing, the Challenge of Champions is a rite of passage. One that solidifies their dedication to the sport of martial arts and allows each student an opportunity to test their skills and push themselves to levels they never thought possible. Competition is more than just winning an award. It’s the journey of training, the comradery of a team, the accomplishment of a personal goal that you set for yourself. For many, it goes far beyond the day of competition and becomes a way of life. As students advance in martial arts, they learn more about themselves, about who they want to be as a person and build lasting respect for their Sensei, their training partners and their teammates.

While attending this year’s event a young, first time student was discussing his match results with his parents. It was the simplicity of his comment that stood out among all others that day and that best captured the essence of the tournament – 8 simple words that encompassed the importance of effort, the spirit of self-discipline and the ability to overcome obstacles both on and off the mat.  As he turned to his parents I heard him quietly say, “Training and trying makes me a better me.” Wise words we call all live by.

Until our next competition – Osu!

Here are the Challenge of Champions 46 Team Results.  Congratulations to this year’s competitors!

Challenge Of Champions – Beginner Division

1st Place – Seaford

2nd Place – Huntington

3rd Place – Mount Kisco

Challenge of Champions 46 Beginner Division Winners

Challenge Of Champions – Intermediate Division

1st Place – Tottenville

2nd Place – Princeton

3rd Place – Williamsburg

Challenge of Champions 46 Intermediate Division Winners

Challenge Of Champions – Advanced Division

1st Place – New Dorp

2nd Place – Elmwood Park

3rd Place – Syosset

Challenge of Champions 46 Advanced Division Winners

Challenge Of Champions – Expert Division

1st Place – Bay Ridge

2nd Place – Rockville

3rd Place – Manhasset

Challenge of Champions 46 Expert Division Winners

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