Tiger Schulmann's My 90 Day Challenge with Chris & Maddy introduction and interview

New Year’s resolutions are weak, and diets suck. These 8 words started it all.

For the past 4 years, Chris and Maddy have been working side by side for a marketing agency in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. Though there’s nearly 20-years between them, they instantly bonded over music, photography, and pop culture on a company hike in the Catskills. From that point on, they’ve worked closely on various creative projects, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to tell a story. They once came up with an entire marketing campaign around missing socks—that’s right—missing socks. It wasn’t practical, but it laid the groundwork for their unconventional, yet creative process.

Their latest creative endeavor started off with a few beers, a plate of hot wings, and a conversation about a recent experience at Tiger Schulmann’s Challenge of Champions.  As spectators, they had the chance to witness an event like no other. The teamwork, camaraderie, and competitive fire that they saw convinced them that Tiger Schulmann’s is more than just a martial arts organization: it’s a family.  They thought: what better way to fully understand this culture than to embed themselves as fellow students?

From wings and beers to sweat and tears, please give a warm welcome to Chris & Maddy’s 90 Day Challenge.

Before they dive too deeply into the challenge, we asked them a few questions:

  • Why are you doing the 90 day challenge?
  • What are your biggest fears?
  • What do you expect?
  • What are you looking to gain from this experience?


Tiger Schulmann's My 90 Day Challenge notebook with two photos, one woman wearing glasses and one man with two children


So, let’s start off with Chris. 

Chris, why are you doing the 90 Day Challenge?

“I have been looking to find a way to get back in shape. Both of my kids are very active in sports. They have been my inspiration to eat better, get back in shape, and make positive changes that support my overall health. Far too often, we as adults get tied up in the day-to-day grind of life and forget to take care of ourselves. This program will give me the support and accountability I have been looking for.”

What is your biggest fear?

“My biggest fear is regret and the ‘what if.’ As a busy single parent, time is tight. When you push goals out to far, they never seem to happen. I would hate to look up one day and see that my health has been compromised by inaction. By becoming vulnerable and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, I hope to become a better role model for my kids as well as others like myself.”

What do you expect?

“I hope to learn more about who I am as a person. It has been a while since I have tested my limits. I see the 90 Day Challenge as a way to do just that. I am targeting short term goals like planning my next meal or next class objective. It also gives me a target to hit 90 days out. I expect that along the way I will become a more focused and driven person that can commit to a plan and follow through successfully. I hope I will learn something about myself that I have never considered along the way.”

What do you want to gain from this experience?

“I hope to gain better eating habits, overall strength, focus and endurance that I can carry with me for life.”


Let’s ask Maddy the same questions:

Maddy, why are you doing the 90 Day Challenge?

I’ve had the same gym routine for the majority of my ‘adult’ life, and I’m tired of giving up on it every year (in the 2nd week of January.) I would like this “new year new me” mentality to stick, but I need help finding a fitness regimen that is as addictive as eating wings and watching Black Mirror. I’m doing the 90 Day Challenge in hopes to better myself mentally and physically.”

What is your biggest fear?

“My biggest fear would be giving up after the 90 days. Like many millennials, I live for instant gratification, and if I don’t see results, I get discouraged. I doubt that I’ll give up, though. As an outsider looking in, I’ve witnessed the dedication and passion that Tiger Schulmann’s students put into their workouts, and it will be hard not to adopt that infectious drive.”

What do you expect?

“I expect to be pushed to my limit, and it’s something I’m looking forward to. I’m also expecting to hurt after the first few weeks, in places I didn’t know existed.”

What do you want to gain from this experience?

“I would like to become stronger and develop new eating habits. I’m one to fall back into the same routine after a while, so I’m hoping “Cooking with Sensei” will help me find a good balance. I expect to become a lot more focused. And last but not least,  I’m expecting to become part of something bigger than myself. ”


As they begin this 90 Day Challenge, you will have the chance to follow along with Chris and Maddy on their life-changing journey. They’ll talk about their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and aspirations all while sharing what they learn along the way. Keep up with them by watching Tiger Shulmann’s Instagram Stories, tuning into Instagram TV  for a weekly recap, and following them on YouTube.

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