Fire, Focus and Family. That’s what drives the Team Tiger Schulmann’s Brotherhood to the highest level. In a sea of world class athletes, Jimmie Rivera, Julio Arce, Shane Burgos, Lyman Good and Mike Trizano have made a name for themselves as fierce competitors in the world of mixed martial arts and have become a stronger family along the way.

Day in a and day out, the Tiger Schulmann’s Competition team epitomizes dedication as the train side by side at Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters. Pushing each other to do better, be stronger and reach higher. The bond of this brotherhood runs deep. Not only do they provide essential feedback about each other’s performance, but they cultivate that hidden X-factor that redefines athletes into champions.

When you’re training so hard and you have no more left in you, you’ll find a way to reach in your heart and pull out that extra bit because you know you got your team behind you, they’re supporting you, and pushing you to do your best.

Lyman Good

Looking in from the outside, they train hard and put in the work, but once you get to know them it is much more than that. Each athlete on the team has a story. A story that defines the reason why they compete and who they compete for. From humble beginnings these athletes use their family as the core element to their success. Family means much more than the obvious. It’s comradery, support, dedication, motivation, all of it rolled together.

As professional athletes, it’s hard to imagine any one of them have seen hard times. Overcoming adversity is the fuel that builds character. And the character of this team extends far beyond the ring. Not only do they compete, but they also teach. It is through teaching that many of them inspire others to be the best person they can be. From kids to adults, each athlete shares what they have learned to develop the new generation of athletes.
It is evident that each of them leads by example and it is though this leadership that they will continue to inspire new generations for years to come.


Jimmie Rivera

Julio Arce

Lyman Good

Mike Trizano

Shane Burgos