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We’re off to the races with this year’s 90 Day Challenge! Last week we talked about grocery shopping and this week we can talk a little bit about some meal prep tips to keep your healthy eating
on track and of course, make your life easier.  For our first meal of the 90 Day Challenge, we’re going to making chicken with gluten-free brown rice pasta.

Sensei’s Tips

Tip: Get yourself some good containers that will withstand the daily grind on the go! 
Prepping for the week, I like to use chicken breast in my meals a lot during the challenge and today we are going to a simple chicken breast recipe and make it more exciting with some spinach, tomatoes,  garlic,  and some brown rice pasta.  Brown rice pasta is gluten-free and is perfect for those of you that can’t have gluten in your diet. 

Chicken & Gluten-Free Brown Rice Pasta

First I take some organic chicken breast and rinse it off before marinating it in Italian dressing. For more flavor marinate your chicken at least one hour prior to cooking. (The longer you can wait, the better the taste!) Next focus on the  work on the parts of the meal. Start your water for the pasta and then cut up the tomatoes and garlic to throw in the spinach. Sauté the garlic and tomatoes and the spinach together. Next grill your chicken either on a outdoor BBQ or a stove top grill.  Once everything is ready combine and plate. 
When you eat clean and simple it makes everything better.  Remember you got this!  Remember to stick to portions – smaller meals packed with the right ingredients help to fight the hunger.

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