Cooking With Sensei, episode Turkey Kielbasa

Happy Fall – this summer was just magical. Hopefully yours was filled with adventure and happy memories. With cooler days approaching, we figured a warm weather meal would be great to kick off Autumn. Of course with kids being back to school, we wanted to put together a meal might be a little easier now that we all have a less time on our hands. So let’s do something super easy and super simple, and of course – super delicious! 

Trying Turkey Kielbasa 

Today we are going to make a turkey kielbasa with sauerkraut. This dish is delightful as well as flavorful and only has a handful of ingredients. After you put this together, all you need to do is let it heat up on the grill while freeing you up for some other things you need to do (like home work from the kids).

Quick & Easy Turkey Kielbasa Recipe

Grab a tin foil tray with a lid and get ready to see how easy it is. You will need a turkey kielbasa preferably one with a lower sodium content, basil, whole pepper corn, mustard powder, sauerkraut and a bottle of beer but that’s optional.

Combine ingredients in tin foil pan cover and put it right on the grill. Let it simmer for 15 minutes and then that the kielbasa out and throw it right on the grill to get some grill marks on it. At this point you just about done, serve in a bun or a side salad.

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