How is Kickboxing Better Than the Gym!

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How is Kickboxing Better Than the Gym


By: TSMMA Abington

Don’t spend another week fighting with your scale waiting for results to happen at the gym

Have you ever made plans the night before to go to the gym in the morning, and then woke up and decided that it didn’t sound as good in the morning as it did last night? You decide to push the work out off until after get done work, but the stress of your day make you want to change your mind again. You decide you’ll just wait and try again tomorrow.


Don’t put it off for another day, kickboxing can give you the same results i’ve helped so many other achieve

Procrastination is a quality we all process as humans, but it’s not an attractive one. One day’s procrastination turns into 2…..2 days quickly turn to a week….before you know it you find yourself saying ” I really need to get into shape” yet again!

Most people fall out of the routine of going to the gym before they even really get started

This vicious cycle is one that you aren’t alone in being a part of. Most of us are taught that going to the gym, or running are the only options for getting into shape. Most of us find ourselves going to the gym and feeling out of place, uncomfortable and not sure what we even know what to do to workout.

Before long, you’ve given up before you’ve even started. You chalk it up to the fact that you just aren’t cut out to be in shape, and you’ll just wait until next New Year’s to try again.

If this sounds like you then it’s time someone lets you in on the a secret…there is a workout that blows the gyms socks off in both enjoyment and results!! Welcome to Abington Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing.


in class you’ll have motivating instruction and meet other student’s just like you that will become some of your closest friends inside and outside of class

Our instructor’s are friendly, knowledgeable and motivating! We know what it takes to produce results….we help hundreds of people frustrated with their personal fitness get into the best shape of their lives every year! You’ll learn authentic kickboxing in a safe and effective way. The workout’s are done at your own pace, and will give you everything you need to get into the shape you want to be in. From Cardio to strength training…from stretching to nutrition…Our program will transform your body into what you want it to be!!

money wast

most people throw away thousands of dollars every year hoping to find something that will work for them to get into the shape they want

Don’t throw away another dime on a gym membership, or buying more exercise equipment for your home, in fact once you start with us you can throw away your gym membership and sell off your treadmill, because you’ll never need it again!

Come join the hundreds of other’s that have realized that you don’t need to suffer through a workout or be miserable doing it! Fill out the online form to the right side of this page and we will contact you to set up your first class! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Written by Sensei James Garzillo – Head Instructor Abington Tsmma