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“… I’m VERY PROUD to say I have lost 80lbs Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s”

Last Updated on April 11, 2013.


BY: TSMMA Nanuet


Student Name:

Dan LoPresti

Age: 40

Rob: How Long have you been with TSMMA?

Dan: I came to Tiger Schulmann’s about 2 years ago, and been training consistent since I first started.

Rob: What made you originally try our program?:

Dan: I wanted to take my weight loss efforts to a more serious level. When I first met with Joshu Brian Fischetti he promised me my goals and said all I had to do was show up to class.

Rob: Why do you continue training at TSMMA?:

Dan: I never really enjoyed working out, it didn’t interest me. Something about the Kickboxing does not feel like I’m working out, even though im burning calories like crazy. Learning how to Kickbox in its self was rewarding for me, as time went on my skills improved and this was a very proud feeling.

Rob: Have you tried other fitness programs in the past?

Dan: Not really, just some weights I bought a long time ago. Pretty much once I joined Tiger Schulmann’s I never looked back, or anywhere else for that matter.

Rob: Have you reached any of your goals due to our program?:

Dan: I have, I’m VERY PROUD to say I have lost 80lbs. And I’m so excited to see what the future holds as I continue my training here at TSMMA Nanuet.

Rob: What are your thoughts about head instructor Joshu Brian Gaubatz?:

Dan: It is clear as day that Joshu Brian is very passionate about what he does. I can tell he strongly believes, and is so confident in what he’s instructing to his students.

Rob: Would you recommend TSMMA to your friends and family?:

Dan: I already have, since I have joined my wife got to see what I was doing and wanted in on it right away. We really do enjoy coming to Tiger Schulmann’s together.

Rob: What is your favorite part about training with us?:

Dan: The combination of the workout itself and seeing my kickboxing skills improve to where I never thought was possible. I’m actually really good at it, Thanks to Joshu Brian of course.

Rob: Do you find the times of our classes easy to fit into your weekly schedule?:

Dan: Yes I have no problem getting to class with my schedule. Tiger Schulmann’s offers the most classes in Rockland County which makes picking a time no problem at all.

Rob: Anything you would like to add to this interview?:

Dan: Nope. Just keep doing what you guys are doing. Please I just want to continuing losing weight and getting more and more into shape.

Final Thoughts by Joshu Brian Fischetti

Thank you Dan for sharing your thoughts about our school and the success you have been having with us. You are a great addition to our school and its a pleasure having you training here. I wish you all the luck in the world in your journey to a better you, I am confident you will reach your desired goals. Osu!