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Karate Instructors Bring New Excitement

Last Updated on September 11, 2014.

Matt Castillo and Jonathan Gonzalez have been friends for years. Now the two are a tag team worthy of a title match. The two have been running Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Huntington for a few months.

Already parents are excited about the high energy training kids are getting under the expert instruction of Gonzalez. Meanwhile Castillo is organizing each students training, making sure they are progressing towards their goals.

Karate is an ideal way to bring kids focus and perseverance and Gonzalez own journey is a perfect lesson for kids. He earned his Black Belt under Fifth Degree Master Instructor Bryan Gotthoffer in Bayside, Queens. He also enjoyed a successful debut fighting in the New York Metro Golden Gloves.

Karate instructor competes
Gonzalez (yellow bib) competed successfully in the New York Golden Gloves.


For the Hollis, Queens native it was the discipline he learned under Gotthoffer that most shaped his training.

“I concentrate on teaching students definition and value of self-discipline,” says the new Huntington instructor. “I know it was the most important thing I took out of my own training. I will never lose sight of how important it is to my students progress.”

Talented Instructors Bring Karate Training To New Generation

Gonzalez knows parents have looked to Karate to increase their children’s success in school, sports and other activities. Even though his classes teach the more contemporary style of Mixed Martial Arts, the original purpose of Karate, Discipline and Self-Defense, are never forgotten.

karate tradition passed on.
Gonzalez instruction helps young students build self-confidence!


“We know that kids who have a base of self-discipline and self-defense are achievers. That in turn builds self-confidence. Training under Tiger Schulmann himself now, I get to continually improve on my own martial arts training and pass that along to my students.”

If you are looking for the best martial arts training for your child call TSMMA Huntington today and see how Gonzalez and Castillo can help your child. Take advantage of their FREE Trial program to see how TSMMA is improving on traditional Karate.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell