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Kickboxing KO’s Spinning In War Of Workouts

Last Updated on September 5, 2014.

We all know the trends. From Tae Bo to Pilates, Cross Fit to Spinning, fitness fads pop up all the time. Some of them stand the test of time, but few if any survive as the workout du jour. For Midwood adults there is one workout that has survived all the trends though, Kickboxing.

Sensei Sean Nolan opened up Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Midwood in December of 2012 and already has nearly 300 students training with him every week. Why the explosion of members? It’s the depth of benefits.

“I came from the corporate world myself and I know how busy peoples lives are,” says Nolan. “It is so important that adults maximize their free time and I think that is why Kickboxing has survived so many other workout trends, even better than survived actually, thrived.”

spinning mindless workout
Spinning class is mindless. There is nothing to take your mind of your daily stresses.


Nolan’s instruction under Tiger Schulmann himself is unparalleled in the world of martial arts. He is not only a successful competitor known for his heavy left hand, but also a master motivator and expert in teaching philosophy.

That combination helps adults look forward to their hour long workout even though the intense workout will burn 800 or more calories.

Spinning, CrossFit, Pilates, they can all work for you to get in shape, the difference is Kickboxing gives you deeper benefits. By concentrating on self-defense techniques my students actually get a better workout. That is because they are not worried about how tired their muscles are. Instead they are focusing on throwing a punch correctly.”

kickboxing more mentally engaging than spinning.
World Class instruction keeps your mind on Kickboxing class. Not only a physical workout, but a stress reliever as well.


Nolan goes on to say that focus on technique provides a third benefit beyond physical conditioning and self-defense. The class provides and active meditation, forcing the mind to focus on one thing, Kickboxing. That adds the third benefit of stress relief that spinning and workouts like it simply cannot match.

“There may be an exciting instructor in front telling you to pedal faster, but it is still pedaling. Their is no benefit to the exercise beyond physical conditioning. That is a great benefit, but it is much easier for adults to spend that same hour getting physical conditioning in a fun class that relieves stress and teaches authentic Kickboxing.”

Call TSMMA Midwood or register online and take advantage of their Free Trial Program to see how a three dimensional workout can help you!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell