Kickboxing this Summer Will Get You in Shape

by Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts of Wayne, NJ

1605 Route 23 South

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Right now at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, hundreds, if not thousands of teen and adult members are kickboxing (and grappling) their way to a healthier lifestyle.  The organization is 60 days into it’s 90 Day Challenge.  This is a three month journey to better health and fitness through more disciplined and consistent workouts and nutritional choices.  At Tiger Schulmann’s we don’t “diet and exercise”.  We EAT and TRAIN!

kickboxing for fitness
JT teaching that bag a lesson!

We started 2 months ago with a nutritional seminar outlining the do’s and don’t of healthy eating.  Not anything revolutionary, just learning how to follow the 40/40/20 rule and keep your metabolism up with small frequent meals throughout the day.  Once you realize that calorie and food restrictive diets don’t work, you will learn that you have to actually eat more to lose weight the proper way!  Knowledge of nutrition also comes with the understanding that when you are hungry it’s time to eat, and when you are full to stop eating.  More frequent meals always means smaller portion sizes.

Kickboxing for life
Strength training at the end of every kickboxing class!

Weight loss doesn’t have to difficult.  Many people, however, do struggle with it.  The weight loss industry is a $55 billion a year business.  Unfortunately, most of the programs out there are difficult or impossible to succeed at and failure is built in to keep customers always coming back.  At Tiger Schulmann’s we want to educate our members and teach them to eat healthy so they do not have to rely on their instructor, but become a stronger person and possibly help teach others.  But you can’t just eat right and not workout.  Every good nutrition plan must of course be accompanied by a consistent workout.  Here, that workout is a healthy does of authentic kickboxing and maybe even grappling as well.

kickboxing provides the best workout
This is a Beginner Kickboxing class,  but this is no beginner workout!!

Our instructors don’t just put you in front of a heavy bag and “tell” you what to do… they teach you.  Every class, whether it’s a beginner, intermediate or advanced will help you improve your technique and challenge you mentally as well as  physically.  The instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s have an average experience level of 15 years!  Almost every instructor has been a fighter at the amateur or even professional level.  So you will be taught by someone who not only knows kickboxing and grappling, but has used these abilities firsthand themselves in the ring or the cage!

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So to get yourself started on the best workout routine you have ever tried, and to really learn the martial arts from true professionals, Call Click or Stop by Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne located at 1605 Route 23 South, in the Brentwood Shopping Ctr with Chuck E. Cheese, Party City & Panera Bread.  Direct phone number is (973) 694-3495.

Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing of Wayne also serves the neighboring towns of Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Lincoln Park, Towaco, Montville, Pinebrook, Fairfield, Little Falls, Totowa, Riverdale, Butler and Kinnelon.

Also visit our friends at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains, Tiger Schulmann’s Ramsey and Tiger Schulmann’s Paramus for more professional kickboxing instruction!