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Kids Can LEARN To Succeed

Last Updated on August 19, 2013.

Kids Can LEARN To Succeed

It’s important to think about what the future has in store for our children. Today, we might be thinking about their grades. But what about tomorrow? What about the rest of their lives as they grow and reach adulthood? What will the job market be like? Will they find the right partner and start a family? What challenges are in store for them? If an unpredictable obstacle arises, will they be able to face it head on and do their best? Or will they get easily frustrated and give up?

This is life. Life has obstacles. Children can learn to face them skillfully with confidence. Achieving success can be learned. Do not underestimate how important it is for children to develop this ability.

Kids who train at Tiger Schulmann’s, are encouraged to learn new skills… Improve coordination, gain strength, enhance their reflexes… focus. When children see themselves improving, they gain confidence. They know they can set and achieve goals. They know they can overcome their own doubts.


Schools Do Not Teach The Process of Success

Schools measure success based on grades… not on improvement, not on personal accomplishment. Everyone gets anywhere from an A, down to a failing grade. Most students remain at the same level throughout their studies. “A” students often remain “A” students throughout their school life. “B” students usually maintain a “B” average, etc. Some kids improve a bit, some kids get worse. There is no dedicated system to encourage growth. Mostly schools measure the aptitude of one child’s intellectual abilities against the others. They do not measure personal advancement.

When kids know they can improve, they gain confidence.

What’s more important in terms of achieving success in life? Good grades or confidence?

You may assume that good grades are more important. Imagine a job interview. One job candidate had excellent grades, but lacks confidence. The other job candidate had average grades but is highly confident. The boss wants results. Who’s likely to get the job?


Kids do not learn confidence in school. There is no system teaching them to face obstacles and improve with every lesson. It’s rare to find a school teacher who can offer them a, “You can do it!” attitude.

The Process of Learning Achievement, Focus, and Self Confidence

Let’s analyze proper kicking technique as an example. There is a method to kicking safely and effectively. Kids come in and know practically nothing about kicking. Where do they plant their foot? How does the planted foot move during the kick? How do they hold their kicking foot? Which part of the leg makes contact? How do you turn your hips into the kick? Where do you hold your hands when kicking? What’s the proper posture for your head and back? How far away do you stand?

Each child learns to fine tune every aspect of a kick. Every lesson, kids get better until they can kick properly, instinctively and with confidence.  Once a child knows their kick is perfected, it’s another achievement worthy of praise and self confidence. Your child begins trusting their own ability to improve, perfect themselves, and succeed.

One Sign That A Child Will Be Successful Is If They Are Happy

When you see your child light up with pride and their instructor shouts, “Great job! You did it! I told you you would!!!” … When you see them taking joy in improving and learning that they can overcome self-doubt and obstacles… You can put your concerns about the future aside, and know your child learned how to succeed.

They will go into that job interview with a, “I will do it!” attitude. They will exude the type of confidence which attracts good people into their lives. They will meet the challenge of raising a family of their own and know they will succeed.


Do not underestimate the importance of self confidence when it comes to achieving success. Confidence is a fundamental mindset which will improve the quality of life for your children in so many ways.

Learning self confidence, learning to succeed is a process. Tiger Schulmann’s MMA teaches that process. You can see that process in action by signing your child up for a free class.

Written by – Alon Feder