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A Fun Karate Program That Teaches Your Child Valuable Life Skills!

Bully Prevention

Valuable Life Skills

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You want your child to flourish!

It can be difficult to find a fun, trustworthy program that teaches your child self-defense, bully prevention, and other valuable like skills.

You want your child to flourish!

It can be difficult to find a fun, trustworthy program that teaches your child self-defense, bully prevention, and other valuable like skills.

Like you, we want your child to feel empowered and confident!

At Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, our curriculum-based training program has helped thousands of children build confidence, resilience, and develop lasting friendships while learning how to prevent themselves from being bullied, but also how to protect themselves if needed.

We’ve developed a proven curriculum that’s designed to empower your child.

Build Confidence

Become more confident in your Martial Arts skills and in all areas of life.

Find Community

Build friendships while working toward a goal with others.

Get Results

We guarantee real and measurable results.

Dedicated commitment to helping children thrive

Over the past 35+ years, we’ve developed a proven curriculum uniquely designed to help children build a foundation for a well rounded and confident future.

  • Learn self-discipline
  • Make friends
  • Establish valuable life skills
  • Form healthy habits

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Proven Training Program

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  • Bully-prevention
  • Build confidence
  • Improve your martial arts skills
  • Better coordination
  • Make friends


My daughter started when she was 3. She was being pushed around by another girl in school and had no self-esteem. In just a few months I’m seeing a huge difference in our daughter. She’s braver, is engaging more with classmates and is more outgoing.

Renee S.

My son was shy and being bullied in school. After the second class, I noticed a big change in my son's self-confidence.

Ruairi D.

Our daughter Sonia is learning how to defend herself, rather than dancing ballet... nothing wrong against dancing, but to us, it’s more important to know how to defend yourself.... the school has a cool staff that makes you feel welcome all the time! Sensei is teaching my daughter how to have strong, proud and confident attitude.

Carlos G.

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Tiger Schulmann’s Bully Prevention

Bully prevention is a widely discussed topic of concern today, and with good reason. Every week on the news we hear more and more stories about bullying. Whether it be from school, locally, or some other manor, it can be difficult to keep your child from being exposed to bullying.