The confident feeling all kids have after a few classes with Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts.

It’s a fact. Confident kids are happy kids.

Tiger Schulmann’s youth programs instill tremendous confidence and give kids the tools to reach their full potential and lead successful, happy lives . Focus, discipline, tenacity, and the ability to protect themselves will help kids achieve their goals at school and beyond.


Do you offer classes for beginners?

Yes, we offer beginner classes for adults and kids. No experience required.

How many times per week do I attend?

We recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Many adults like to attend three or more classes per week.

Morris Plains TSMMA is an amazing mixed martial arts school. My son, daughter and I all train there. Each of us get exactly what we are looking for. My 5 year old is learning discipline, focus, self defense and the importance of a non quitting spirit. My daughter (17yrs) and myself are not only getting an intense workout but learning how to defend ourselves and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with there nutritional program. The instructor and his staff are very helpful and are sure to work with you with whatever your goal is. Cant wait to get my 3 year old started : ) ....
Cindy C. Morris Plains
I was looking for an activity for my 2 daughters that was fun and they could learn something. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and 2 other learning disabilities. The instructor and staff at Tiger Schulmanns' are fantastic. They are courteous and friendly and always willing to help with any of our needs. My oldest is now doing much better in school and also has become much more confident. My younger daughter loves the martial arts training she excels at it and has even won some competitions. i recommend this school for everyone.
Clarence K. East Brunswick