Kids Martial Arts Teaches Success in the Real World

by Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Kids Martial Arts located at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts of Wayne, NJ

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Is your child involved in Kids Martial Arts?  Do they learn kickboxing to help them build confidence and stand up to bullies?  Are they learning Jujitsu or Grappling(similar to wrestling) to help them build strength and develop strategies?  Have they developed the basic martial arts skills to improve their focus, discipline and non-quitting spirit?  If not, get them started right away?

At Tiger Schulmann’s our kids martial arts program is training for the real world.  Helping kids develop all the tools and keys that are required for success in life. Such as focus and attention span to help them pay attention when it’s time to learn.  Developing Self-Discipline so they have the determination to work on their own to be successful at the things they do.  Getting stronger and more flexible to run faster, have better balance, agility, quickness and overall stamina.  Most importantly learning street smart self defense skills to build the confidence to overcome or prevent any and all issues with bullying.

Kids Martial Arts
Kids Martial Arts!

This last point is probably the most important of them all.  Kids without confidence are always at risk for being bullied, harassed or picked on.  It can happen at school, in your own neighborhood or even on a sports team.  But if your child is constantly learning and practicing self defense in realistic situations, such as sparring practice and free grappling(wrestling), they will be more likely to stand up for them self.  They will be used to the confrontational situation and their kids martial arts instructor will have allowed them experience this confrontation in a safe and controlled manner many times.  Experience is the key for a child to feel comfortable.  If they have done it before then their is no fear of the situation.

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kids martial arts


There are countless ways children will improve from taking kids martial arts classes, so call, click or stop by Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne located at 1605 Route 23 South, in the Party City/Chuck E. Cheese/Panera Bread shopping center.  (973)694-3495.

kids martial arts


Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing of Wayne also serves the neighboring towns of Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Lincoln Park, Towaco, Montville, Pinebrook, Fairfield, Little Falls, Totowa, Riverdale, Butler and Kinnelon.


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