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61-22 Fresh Pond Road,
Middle Village, NY 11379

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Practical self-defense training and total fitness workouts are the priority at the Middle Village location of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts.

This studio will get you in shape in no time, and you won’t break a sweat looking for parking.

Under the direction of our team of handpicked, highly trained and skilled teachers, you’ll be motivated to reach your goals in our classes and programs that focus on muscular development, cardio conditioning, and improving flexibility. With a roster of tailored kickboxing, kids’ martial arts, mixed martial arts, karate, Muay Thai and jiu jitsu classes, there’s something for everyone.

Give us a call today to learn more about the Middle Village location of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts.




  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Training since 1997
  • Competed in Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu



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  • May 15, 2018
    Carlos U.
    Truly an exceptional and educational way of building confidence, strength, character and self discipline. TSMMA middle village has raised the bar when it comes to teaching and more importantly the development of my children's strength and health. My entire family now trains, bringing all of us closer together, better in health mind and body. Sensei Dubois and manager Jorge are truly dedicated to all of their students. Bringing passion, courage, and knowledge on a day to day class by class basis. I have seen my children other children including their parents and adults students develop class by class. Getting better,stronger more disciplined. seeing the difference in confidence and self control, every dollar is worth it. They have grown not to be bullies and use their skills to harm but to defend them selves and teach others as well. To build stronger relationships and work as a team. Classes have brought our families closer by having us not just take them to class but be interactive and participate in their classes. Truly and honestly a phenomenal full family activity and way for all to grow. Make the effort and take advantage of the free sign up class to see for yourself and experience the middle village TSMMA devotion for your self.
  • May 14, 2018
    Yesennia J.
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