Will the Martial Arts Help My Shy Child Be More Social?

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A shy child may not seem like a big deal at first.  If kids do not grow out of their shyness very quickly, however, it can lead to issues down the road for them.  A shy or introverted child will not raise his hand, participate in discussions, or have an easy time making new friends.  Shyness can be cute at first, but can create a host of problems if not corrected.

A shy child can become confident

A shy child is usually due to a lack of confidence.  You never see a confident kid who is also shy because the two characteristics are polar opposites.  The martial arts instills in children the things they need to be more confident and break out of that shyness.  A child will see them self getting stronger and more flexible through martial arts classes.  They will develop balance and coordination from all the punching, kicking, rolling, movement and agility drills done in class.  They will develop self defense skills standing on their feet as well as how to protect them self if they end up on the ground.  Kids will be achieving many new goals.  These new experiences will happen in a social environment where every now and then they will be the center of attention, in a very positive way.

no shy child in kids martial arts classes

A shy child, who experiences being at the center of attention, will learn to accept this position.  Before long this acceptance becomes commonplace and the shy child will no longer be afraid of it.  Having their child not be afraid of attention is the goal of any parent who is trying to combat the shyness of their child.  As well as the goal of any martial arts instructor who sees shy children every day and works to move that shyness towards assertiveness.  While at the same time trying to move kids who may be a little too aggressive back towards the assertiveness as well.

A shy child will become assertive through martial arts training

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