Arce Leaves No Doubts at UFC Showcase Bout

by Keith Gehshan

Tuesday Night Contender Series

August 8th, 2017

Ultimate Fighter Gym

Julio Arce (TSMMA) vs Peter Petties – 145lbs

Arce wins via TKO Round 2

On the biggest night of his storied competition career, Julio Arce was a man on mission. Arce clearly demonstrated that he belongs in the cage with the best and put on one his most exciting performances to date. Game opponent, Peter Petties, presented an unorthodox style and a unique challenge for the veteran, Arce. It was his flashy style that earned him the contested first round of action. The 2nd round was all about adjustments, and it was Arce who figured out the puzzle. Arce opened up on his feet, overwhelming Petties with crisp boxing. It was only a matter of time as Arce took complete control of the bout. Petties showed his toughness in refusing to quit, but late in the round the ref was forced to stop the action and award Arce with a 2nd round TKO victory.

The Tuesday Night Contender series offers accomplished MMA fighters an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of the UFC brass in hopes of getting signed to the sport’s top promotion. Arce was certainly deserving of this honor and although the UFC choose another fighter to sign on this night, you knew that Arce left a lasting impression with them. The Tiger Schulmann’s Organization is very proud of Julio’s performance, as he embodies the non-quitting spirit. He earned this victory with his training and dedication and we know he will earn that UFC contract the same way.