Challenge of Champions 40 Early Registration

by Keith Gehshan

Early Registration for Challenge of Champions XL is under way! Being that this is our 40th event, we are planning for our biggest and best event ever.

Challenge of Champions XL will be held on 06/05/16 at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison NJ.

To commemorate our 40th event, we will be including a limited edition, one time only, Challenge of Champions XL T-shirt for all early registration competitors.


Registration for Challenge of Champions XL is available via paper application – click here to download.

Registration forms must be submitted to your Tiger Schulmann’s school by 4/24/16 to qualify for early registration pricing and limited edition T-shirt.

“Every Challenge Makes Me Stronger”. It’s nice to win a medal but this is about challenging yourself. Just having the courage to do it makes you a winner. This is your chance to test everything you’ve learned training and compete with people you’ve never sparred with. Win or lose, you will learn and grow. Watch our Challenge of Champions 40 video for more information about the COC.

Before registering, it is recommended to consult your head instructor on which events and divisions you are best suited for.