Challenge of Champions 42 Kicks Off With Pre-Registration

by Keith Gehshan

Challenge of Champions 42 will he held on Sunday, June 4th 2017 at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison NJ. 

Building on the success and excitement from Challenge of Champions 41, we have decided to kick off the event preparation and registration for Challenge of Champions 42 earlier than ever, starting with a special tournament pre-registration.

Pre-registrating for Challenge of Champions 42 not only gives you an opportunity to save up to $30 on late registration pricing but also allows you to commit to being your best at the tournament as an early start in your tournament preparation will give you your best chance at success on mat. 

Pre-registration is currently under way and again will only be available via paper application to be turned into your Tiger Schulmann’s location. Click here for application. Expert applications can be found here.

Division Belt Ranges for Challenge of Champions 42 are as follows:  


  • BEGINNER: White to Hi Blue Belt

  • INTERMEDIATE: Lo Yellow to Hi Green

  • ADVANCED: Lo Red to Hi Brown

  • EXPERT: Black Belts

  • 40 years old & up BEG to INT: White to Hi Yellow

  • 40 years old & up INT to ADV: Lo Green to Hi Brown


For a full list of Divisions – Click Here for Childrens and Click here for Teens and Adults

“Every Challenge Makes Me Stronger”. It’s nice to win a medal but this is about challenging yourself. Just having the courage to do it makes you a winner. This is your chance to test everything you’ve learned in training and compete with people you’ve never sparred with. Win or lose, you will learn and grow.