Challenge of Champions Schedule

by Tiger Schulmann's Huntington


STEP 1: Go to the central Weigh-in Area (see map) to weigh in at your event’s scheduled time (see below). If you are competing in both Grappling and Kickboxing, you only need to weigh-in for your first event.

STEP 2: After the weigh-ins for your event have been completed, the ring assignments will be posted in books next to the weigh-in station (see Ring Assignment area on map). Look up your last name to find the ring you will be competing for your first event. If you are competing in two events, you will need to look up your ring assignment after your second event has finished weigh-ins (However, you don’t need to weigh-in again for your second event).

STEP 3: Find your assigned ring (see map) and go there immediately to check-in. Once you are checked in, stay close to ring so you don’t miss your match!

******Click Here for Full List of Competitors with Division details and Weigh-in Times******


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