Down 42lbs in 10 Months: Gary Transforms at Tiger Schulmann’s Cherry Hill

by Keith Gehshan

Garry Veitenheimer started training at Tiger Schulmann’s Cherry Hill at the start of the 90-Day Challenge 2017 with his girlfriend, Victoria, after his friend, Pete, convinced him to come take a kickboxing class. By the end of the 90-Day Challenge, Garry lost 23.5 lbs. Instead of stopping his healthy lifestyle, he revved up his training and started taking more classes, including Close Range Defense. After the summer, Garry wanted even more motivation and signed up for his first Challenge of Champions tournament. During the 3 months leading up to the tournament, he not only dropped more weight, he lost 4% body fat and 3 inches off his waist. He topped it off with a 2nd place finish in his 1st Challenge of Champions Kickboxing event. To date he is down 42 lbs since joining Tiger Schulmann’s and he is already talking about winning 2018’s 90-Day Challenge and the next Challenge of Champions. – Sensei Shane Baker – TSMA Cherry Hill


Garry in his own words: “Amazing what 10months can do. I was 225LB when I started and picture to the right I am 183LB. 42LB loss and feel great and more energy then ever! Thank you Tiger Schulmann’s for getting me into shape!” – Garry Veitenheimer