Focus, Discipline, and Confidence: Brody’s 3 Month Transformation Attending Tiger Schulmann’s Nanuet

by Keith Gehshan

My eight-year-old son Brody was born with developmental delays. As he got older it was apparent that he would have some language based disabilities. He was OK until the second half of kindergarten where he started having behavioral issues in class. As time went by these behaviors became worse. He was unable to focus and regulate his emotions. He would not want to take part in any class activities or do any of his work.

In first grade his behavior became so disruptive and aggressive that we needed to remove him from regular school and transfer him to a school for children with behavioral issues who needed a more structured and supportive classroom setting. He saw so many therapists and counselors. Some thought he needed therapy, others thought he needed medication. Some doctors thought it was ADD and some thought it was a mood disorder. I was against medication, so that was not an option. A family friend suggested I enroll him in Tiger Schulmann’s at the Nanuet location. I did and it is by far the best decision I ever made.

Within three months he was more focused, more disciplined and more importantly more confident. His teachers and counselors were amazed at his transformation. His behavior had improved so much that he was transitioned out of the school he was attending for behavioral issues and will be attending a regular school. His newfound confidence has helped him in all areas of his daily life. We are fortunate to have found Tiger Schulmann’s. Joshu Jared is amazing with the children in his class and I am sure that all the techniques Brody is learning there will be lessons that will contribute to his lifelong success. Thank you Tiger Schulmanns and Joshu Jared.

Jessica Direnzo
TSMMA Nanuet Parent