Get Your One-of-a-Kind Event T-Shirt

by Keith Gehshan

To: Tiger Schulmann’s Family and Friends

From: Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters

Event Date: July 22nd, 2017

Get your special edition Born & Bred T-Shirt and help fight Autism!

The first ever MMA event in Nassau Coliseum and we have three, BORN & BRED, Tiger Schulmann’s students representing us. Congratulations to Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera, Lyman “Cyborg” Good, and “Hurricane” Shane Burgos. We are very proud of you. Let’s all show our Tiger Pride and represent Jimmie, Lyman, Shane and Tiger Schulmann’s at this historic event.

All T-shirt proceeds will be donated to Fight4Autism.


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*The “Born & Bred” shirt will only be available for an ultra limited time so don’t hesitate. Orders must be placed by July 6th.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the event (in your BORN & BRED shirts).





Team Tiger Schulmann’s UFC Fight Night Event T Shirt

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