How Can You Possibly Say That a ‘Kickboxing Class’ Changed Your Life Around?

by Keith Gehshan


December 2016

• Going through a Divorce
• Depressed
• Overweight
• Lazy
• Illusion of Loss of everything
• Dead End good Paying Job

February 2017

• Joined Kickboxing
• Don’t mind erasing memory by going out

June 2017

• No more Drinking Heavily, perhaps ultimately very minimal (if that)
• Eat Clean, no more junk in my system, although I do have a bucket of Ice Cream or cereal from time to time. LOL.
• Recently quit Smoking (all gradual)
• Consider myself, more active than ever before
• New Job, enabling myself to still be able to work around a schedule to see my son, as well as continue my Kickboxing Experience (meaning, that for those that don’t understand, need to experience in order to understand).
• Mind is more at ease, whereas, experiencing more and more ideas, than ever before, keeping myself influx of being focused throughout my daily objectives and prospects.
• Read more publications, Books, News, Current Affairs, towards personal preference
• Daily positivity
• Sleep better, within a less timeframe
• Unstoppable compliments

Personal Note to Tiger Schulmann’s and the Midwood Location:

Thank you Sensei Sean Nolan and Manager of the School (as well as great friend and support from Danielle) and the Midwood Staff (Ulibeck and Hector).

The above sentence Deserves its own paragraph, to add, I could never thank the school enough for their positive nature and efforts in turning my “World” completely around.

Nowadays, I can’t wait for the next class, Simply, I just can’t wait. It serves as a huge purpose in my everyday life. One could argue, “How, how can you possibly say that a ‘Kickboxing Class’ change your life around that much?”. Let me explain, I sat back one day and thought about how all has changed and to what I have to give all of this change of efforts to, the answer would be – Myself, primarily.

But, the ‘oomph’, the ‘fire’, the ‘jump’, the ‘motivation’ was given through the support of the Midwood School of Tiger Schulmann. At first, I gave it a try; I began to notice the negativity surrounding me and all of the hardships and unfortunate situations that I was placed in Through the attendance of every class, my life began to change around me, just by coming to class.

Sensei Nolan always says, “The hardest part is getting here, getting to the mat, once you are here, you made it”. This sticks in your head, just make it to class, afterwards their really is no turning back. You just can’t, you have to for


Let me put it this way, have you ever read the book, “The Secret” the Law of Attraction, I did and what came up next for me – was training. Training with the Midwood Staff, that in turn indulged positivity in my nature and in my everyday life. At the same time this put my mind at ease, making me more patient and in continuously thinking of better ideas, In order to benefit my well-being throughout my livelihood.

For example, Going to the Gym, will temporarily fix the mind set, Eating Clean may fix the body, but training with Sensei Nolan and Staff, definitely will fix the mind and the body with efficiency as well as cut out all of the waste in your life.

In my experience Tiger Schulmann is more than just a class, it’s just, the positivity in the class and in the air, a revelation of an epiphany in the atmosphere. I don’t know, call it weird, but until you try a few classes, one will never understand the true feeling.

For me, I noticed my life to change, at first I lost a ton of weight, I began to eat right, people and crowds of negativity started to unpredictably disappear, more positivity came about, I lost a job (perhaps because the negative energy was in the surrounding), communication widened around family and true friends, truth became more important.

I began to once again believe in myself.

I can now envision my future and continue to pursue my dreams into a process of reality, rather than a pipe dream. Although, I practically lost everything, I gained the positive nature to rebuild and overcome any accomplishments forthcoming and of the now stature.

Thank You for everything thus far, my next move is to write a Novel AND to continue Kickboxing, as much as possible.

“Never Ever Stop believing in you, Barricades are only meant to be broken (as someone once said) and Passion along with Positivity will Suffice.”

“Don’t Give Up, Don’t You Ever Give Up”

By: Daniel Fainbain – TSMMA Midwood