How Does Martial Arts Help With Bullying?

by Keith Gehshan

With back­-to-­school season in full swing, we can’t help but talk about bullying once again. However, today we’re taking a different approach and integrating martial arts into the discussion. Learn more about how practicing this sport at a young age can help children with bullying below: 


  1. How does Martial Arts help with bullying?It can help them be prepared: In some martial arts classes, children may have the opportunity to role­play in different scenarios. A popular one? Confrontation! By having the chance to practice responding to confrontation, kids can develop the skills and confidence needed to respond to bullies.

  3. It can help them with body language? When it comes to dealing with a bully, children must be able to show that they are confident without necessarily using their words. In martial arts classes, children can learn how to present themselves in a way that shows they are not afraid and ready to defend themselves.

  5. It can help them improve communication: Once children are comfortable with using body language to communicate with bullies, it’s time for them to work on their verbal skills. When children possess the ability to speak clearly and confidently, it can be much easier for them to prevent a situation from becoming physical ­ in martial arts class, children will also learn how to effectively communicate in this way.

Perhaps most importantly, martial arts aids with bullying because it ultimately teaches children how to defend themselves in a variety of situations.