Lyman Good Worst Kind Of Late Replacement

by Sensei Thad Campbell


Lyman Good had the rare opportunity Wednesday night to celebrate a culmination and a commencement all at the same time. It was the culmination of a long road to reach his goal of fighting in the UFC. It was the commencement of what his fans hope will be a run to the UFC Welterweight title.

Called in on two weeks notice to make his UFC debut, he was supposed to be fodder for the much hyped Andrew Craig. Craig was the veteran of 6 UFC fights and was looking to generate momentum as he dropped from Middleweight to Welterweight. 

What he hit was a roadblock nicknamed “Cyborg”. Good didn’t have long to prepare for the culmination of a decade long dream. October will mark ten years since his MMA debut. The East Harlem native just missed the advent of amateur MMA and stepped into the ring as a fresh faced twenty year old just two years into training at Tiger Schulmann’s. 

Fast forward ten years and Good has amassed an impressive resume that has a World Title in Bellator as it’s highlight. Perhaps even more impressive are the roadblocks. Many people have given up on a dream never knowing it was just through the next door. Good didn’t let a couple of obstacles stand in his way. 

Known for his amazing conditioning the Tiger Schulmann’s Chelsea Head Instructor was more than prepared when he got the call from the UFC. He didn’t need a full training camp to show his skills in the bout with Craig.

From the opening bell Good used the full array of the Tiger Schulmann’s curriculum to stall any attempts his opponent had to generate offense. Craig was constantly being punished by Good’s jab and an arsenal of power shots worked off of it. In the first round Good landed a couple of perfectly timed counter right hands, two massive low kicks and few body shots to go along with it. 

In the second round Craig made a mistake. He actually landed one good right hand on “Cyborg”. That seemed to light a fire under Lyman who picked up his aggressiveness a couple notches. Ironically, Craig’s cornerman called for more elbows and knees from their fighter while Tiger Schulmann encouraged Good by saying his cross was working. One corners advice led to the other’s advice working! Craig went for a big right elbow halfway through Round 2 which Lyman perfectly slipped while throwing a short right hand. It landed flush on Craig’s jaw and sent the Texan crumbling to the canvas. 

No stranger to finishing his opponents Good quickly jumped on his adversary and forced referee Jason Herzog to step in and call a stop to the fight. 

Good wins decisively in his UFC debut getting the TKO victory at 3:37 of the second round!



Congratulations to Sensei Lyman Good whose discipline and talent have long been an inspiritation to thousands of TSMMA students and fighters. Many of those made the trip to San Diego with thousands gathering at the many TSMMA locations to watch the fight with their fellow students. 

If “Cyborg’s” first performance is any indicator we are in for years of great UFC fights from him!


By: Sensei Thad Campbell