MMA Sun 2015 Prospect Spotlight – The Featherweights – #9 – Shane Burgos

by Keith Gehshan


By: Jason – MMA Sun

The number 9 featherweight prospect is named Shane Burgos. He is certainly a name worth keeping an eye on. Burgos has a undefeated 5-0 Burgosprofessional record. The 23-year old fights out of Team Tiger Schulmann in New York. He also went 7-0 as an amateur. I think it is possible that a guy like Burgos finds his way to the big show soon. He is a fighter than overcome some adversity to get where he is. Diagnosed with scoliosis and having underwent surgery on his spin as a teenager, Burgos overcame odds to become a high level fighter.
Training with Tiger Schulmann you might expect his stand up to be his best weapon, but it appears that his bread and butter is his slick grappling. Four of his five wins as a professional have come by way of submission. I really like his submission game. He has very good chokes that he likes to hunt for. He landed a really slick guillotine over Danny Ooton. He also has solid positioning. He does a good job with takedowns and stays active from the top positioning, threatening submissions and transitioning.

Burgos has decent stand up. Having trained since he was 15-years old, Shane certainly has a well rounded game. He shown a nice variety early in his career. He has shown a good chin as well. Offensively, he mixes things up well. He has good kicks, good counters and solid boxing. Like many fighters early in their career, I would like to see Burgos work on his striking defense. I expect fighters to get punched in the face from time to time, but I always want to see that happen less and less, especially against weaker competition. Burgos still has some room to improve in all areas of the sport. However, he has a solid base and a good foundation already laid. It seems like he is very likely to make his way to the UFC eventually. A few more fights should season him pretty well.