My Advice To Anyone Who Wants To Achieve Anything In Life….

by Keith Gehshan

The man in the before pictures is from 2013….36 years old, 310 lbs., I had anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, stress, was smoking & unhappy. The man in the after pictures is 39 years old,180 lbs, trains MMA at Tiger Schulmann’s with Sensei Nick Pace and is a completely different person.

I wanted to change, so I worked on it and still work on it every day. I didn’t diet, I changed my lifestyle.

I never said in the beginning that I wanted to lose 130lbs, it started with 1-2 lbs a week. Following a healthy lifestyle isn’t a fad diet, it’s getting educated on what’s good for you and why. I’m in better shape now then when I was in my 20’s and it’s because I made the decision to do so.

November of 2013 is when I decided to change my life. I have always knew how to eat right and “go to the gym” so I started my fitness journey the only way I knew how at the time and I started slow and with determination and a drive to get my life back, my health both physically and mentally started to improve.

I remember as my weight decreased, my confidence increased and the final part of the confidence I was seeking I found at Tiger Schulmann’s with Sensei Nick Pace. After attending the father’s day class I was hooked and although I thought I was in good shape from training on my own, TSMMA raised my fitness level to a point I never thought I could obtain again.
I’ve been able to keep the weight off because I still follow an educated nutritional plan as well as incorporate a high intensity training regimen like Tiger Schulmann’s, which is crucial to realizing your fitness goals and feeling better.

My advice to anyone who wants to achieve anything in life is if you want something bad enough first you have to envision it, then seek help from people who follow the same lifestyle you want and learn by following in their footsteps. Adjust and educate yourself along the way, you will be surprised what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!!

Thank you,

Massimo DeVellis
Tottenville TSMA