Summer is Here, Keep Your Child Active This Summer

by Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Now that school has ended are your kids ready to sit in front of the TV and play video games for next few months???  Is that what you want your kids to do?  Or would you rather have your kids learning to focus and keep their mind and muscles engaged?  Well that is what they get when they keep active this summer at Tiger Schulmann’s.

active this summer

Allow your kids to be active this summer with karate, kickboxing and grappling at the nation’s leader in the martial arts, Tiger Schulmann’s.  No other martial arts organization has a curriculum and class format that every instructor in the 50 school Tiger Schulmann’s organization follows.  This ensures that your children(or yourself) get the best professional martial arts instruction possible, since the curriculum is set and all the instructor needs to focus on is your child and motivating them to be their best.

active this summer

Each class the instructor will work with your child helping them to learn the techniques and develop the coordination and control to use the many different techniques within the Tiger Schulmann’s System.  Kids learn the best most practical street smart system of self defense, which builds amazing levels of confidence.  This helps them succeed in everything they do.  Confident kids do well in school, sports, the arts and most importantly, never get bullied!  Confident kids stand up for them selves immediately in the face of intimidation by a bully.   Not by physical means, but by not showing fear of the bully.  And when a bully realizes their victim isn’t scared, they move on.

Keep your child active this summer with an activity that will truly help them succeed in life, bring them to Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts in Wayne, NJ.

active this summer

Special Friday Sessions all summer long.  11:00am-3:00pm MiniCamp.  Kids bring a healthy lunch and wood for woodbreaking practice.

So to start your child on the path having better focus and improving their attention span while keeping active this summer, Call, Click or Stop in to Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne today.  Tiger Schulmann’s is located at 1605 Route 23 South, in the Brentwood Shopping Center south of Ratzer Rd and north of Packanack Lake Rd.

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Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne also serves the neighboring towns of Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Lincoln Park, Towaco, Montville, Pinebrook, Fairfield, Little Falls, Totowa, Riverdale, Butler and Kinnelon.


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