Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing + Nutrition = GOOD HEALTH

by Tiger Schulmann's East Brunswick

Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing + Nutrition = GOOD HEALTH

Everyone is more health conscious these days. Most adults either want to be in better physical condition or are doing some type of exercise. Unfortunately only one in ten adults exercise on a consistent basis. It’s hard to stay consistent with a workout that doesn’t intrigue you. At Tiger Schulmanns, kickboxing  and good nutrition is the answer to this problem.

Our Kickboxing Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle !

Tiger Schulmanns kickboxing will transform you

We teach an authentic  kickboxing style. Every class is taught by a certified instructor that will teach you proper technique to throw all punches and kicks. Your safety is always on the instructors mind. because you learn proper technique you also learn to get the most power from your body while getting in the best shape you can be in. Your mind will stay engaged while you learn a life skill, enabling you to stay intrigued and keeping you working out on a consistent basis.


Kickboing at Tiger schulmanns promotes a healthy lifestyle

About 18 years ago, I had a student that came to me to lose weight. This particular student had a lot of extra weight to lose. She was considered morbidly obese. I told her I would help her in any way that I could. She was obviously unhappy.

This woman would come into the school everyday that I was open and train for two hours. She would train very hard. The sweat would pour down her face. The first few month she was losing small amounts of weight at a steady pace.You could see in he face the physical change and more importantly the attitude change. After that, she tapered off and stopped losing. She trained even harder to no avail. She came to me and asked why she stopped losing. Naturally I asked her what she had been eating. I found out that after every kickboxing class, she went next door to the Pizza shop and had a few slices with a soda. it was was then that I told her “you can’t out kickbox a bad diet”.

Tiger Schulmanns kickboxing

“you can’t out kickbox a bad diet”

At Tiger Schulmanns we not only have a great kickboxing program, we also offer our students an amazing nutrition program to go along. Exercise is only half the battle. The other half is learning to eat good, clean unprocessed foods. I want my students to live a more healthy lifestyle. We don’t put our students on “fad” diets. We teach our students what to eat on a more permanent basis. Living a healthy lifestyle all year round will get you and keep you in the best shape of your life.

The combination of these two aspects of our program, kickboxing for fitness and nutrition for health will make you as strong and healthy as you can be. Come in for a FREE class and you will see the difference Tiger Schulmanns can make in your life and the lives of your family.

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