Tiger Schulmanns Teaches Kids to Stand Up to Bullying!

by Tiger Schulmann's East Brunswick

All human beings have the right to defend themselves !

Tiger Schulmanns students don't feel like this

Yesterday a student of mine and his parents came to me with a problem. The student is 12 years old and had a bully that was picking on him for a few years. After training here in Tiger Schumann’s Martial Arts, he gained the courage to stand up to the bully and stop the aggression. Unfortunately, the bully has a cousin that is older and larger than this student. The cousin has taken it upon himself to pick up where the bully left off. Here is the predicament. My student is so scared of getting in trouble with his teachers in school that he would rather take the abuse than “fight” back. The right to defend oneself is a god given, inalienable right, whether we are talking about an adult or our children. In what world should anyone be abused because they are afraid that if they stand up for themselves they will be punished? This is a disgrace!

Most school districts here in New Jersey have a “zero tolerance policy” toward bullying behavior. What this means is that any type of bullying or defense against bullying will not be tolerated. In the event that a physical altercation occurs, both students are punished. In many cases this results in suspension from school. I call this a “zero logic policy”. These policies are doing irreparable damage to our youth. No person regardless of age should be punished for standing up to an injustice.

Learning Tiger schulmanns builds confidence

At Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts our philosophy is to build our students self-confidence to a high enough level that they are able to stand up to bullying while it is still in a non-physical stage. The only way to effectively accomplish this, is to empower our students with the  knowledge of a highly effective, streetwise self-defense system. Our system teaches student to handle any confrontation no matter how a bully comes at them. It is utterly impossible to stand up to a bully when a confrontation is verbal if the victim doesn’t have the skills to back themselves up. Put simply, we teach kids how to fight effectively so that they never have to. In a student’s first year they will learn a curriculum that will teach them their basic self-defense moves and strategy. At the end of that year, the curriculum will become instinctive. Children that can protect themselves usually won’t have to because other kids can sense their confidence.

If this sounds like something that you want for your children, call us here at the school. our direct number is 732-387-8744. You can also sign up for a FREE trial class right here on our website. i look forward to helping your children have a happier life.