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See Yourself Achieving Things You Thought Impossible!

Last Updated on March 24, 2013.


Training in a martial arts school is something a lot of people think is for young tough guys who want to be fighters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has a large fight team that dominates the local grappling, kickboxing and MMA scene, as well as has professional fighters at the highest levels of MMA. But 99% of students will never see the inside of a ring or cage. TSMMA is authentic kickboxing and grappling for self defense that everybody can do!

Who wouldn’t want a fun workout program where you are learning real world self-defense, and some of the coolest moves this side of a Bruce Lee movie. The workout will give you incredible gains in your cardio and strength. Students have lost hundreds of pounds through these workouts, thousands even. One dedicated student last year lost 110 pounds in just over a year.


Beginner kickboxing classes are waiting for you to help you learn authentic kickboxing techniques and beginner grappling classes are there to show you basics of ground fighting and grappling. Progress at your own speed and you’ll never be pressured into free fighting or working above a level you are ready for.