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Team TSMMA Rocks Philadelphia

Last Updated on November 3, 2012.

Team TSMMA Rocks Philadelphia

By: Sensei Thad Campbell @ TSMMA Feasterville

The trip to Philadelphia was good for more than just gas on Friday night.  Two of TSMMA’s finest fighters did nothing to tarnish Phillie’s reputation as a fighting city.

Joshu’s Craig Alexander and Julio Arce put on a great show for the hundreds of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA fans at the Philadelphia Armory for Xtreme Caged Combat.

Joshu Alexander was up first looking to build on a 6-3 amateur MMA record. His opponent, Sharif “Bam Bam” Jones had other ideas and came out swinging.

Alexander stayed composed and like his nickname “Caspar”, he was hard to hit. Alexander landed a few strong jabs in the first round and rocked Jones with a strong left hook.

The second round he gained even more control, using a string of inside low-kicks and more straight punches. He would end the round with a great takedown. He shot in for a double leg that pressed Jones against the cage. Jones defended but Alexander picked him up and almost took his back in the scramble before settling into mount.  He would defend a weak straight arm lock attempt before ending the round with a near arm bar submission.

The third round would go exactly the same with Jones visibly tiring as Alexander started to land better shots before again landing the takedown again. The fight ended with “Caspar” landing shots from inside Jones guard.

It would be a unanimous victory for Alexander who moves to 7-3 as an amateur.

Julio Arce was making his second trip inside the cage in Philadelphia. He made his pro debut in July and looked to stay undefeated against Umaer Haeq.

What A Fight!

Haeq proved to be the perfect opponent to showcase Arce’s abilities. Haeq moved forward constantly through the first five minutes only to have Arce pick him apart with precision punches at every turn.

Haeq did land one good shot early in the round but it would be the last significant strike Arce would taste in the fight.

By the end of Round 1 Haeq’s face was a mess and at the end of Round 2 Arce had changed the balance of the fight as he began moving Haeq backwards at will.  At one point he threw a barrage of clean shots that forced Haeq to cover up against the cage before being saved by the end of the round.

Haeq was tough as nails though as he came out for Round 3 determined to push forward.  He was moving a half step slower though as Arce’s punches began to rock Haeq continuously.  Hareq would take shot after shot and keep coming as the final bell brought the whole crowd to its feet.  A superb performance by Arce who most resembled a sniper as Haeq never saw what hit him.

Two fights two great performances.  Look forward to seeing both young fighters at The Sands Bethlehem Casino on December 7th!