I joined TSK after taking one of their introductory mother-daughter classes and I loved it! My main goal was to lose weight, but self-discipline is as much what I love about kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s as the exercise itself. I find it to be calming and focusing, almost like a form of meditation. Under both Sensei’s and Joshu’s guidance, it’s a great way of keeping myself connected both mentally and physically. On top of these great results, I am losing weight and getting more toned and fit, getting stronger. I don’t think of it as exercise anymore–it is more of a stimulating activity that never gets boring and has become a way of life! Speaking as a woman who is over 40 and never would have thought I could get back to my 15-year-old karate-loving self, I think the East Brunswick club is warm and welcoming, both fun and serious at the same time. I strongly recommend it–one visit and I think you’ll be as hooked as I was.

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