Last Updated on September 23, 2015.

Have you heard? In honor of back-to-school season, we’ve launched a new campaign for kids called “Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s.” The campaign, created with the help of Octopus Creative Group, aims at increasing awareness about our martial arts programs. Simply put, that’s because they are the key when it comes to children developing the self-confidence they need to confront bullies.

The new ads employ humor to remind students and parents that our instruction is the best available when it comes to learning how to deal with these types of situations. Check out the first commercial in the series, “The Playground,” below »

Think experience with the piano was really the reason these bullies took off? Sure piano may help this little one thrive in other situations, but just imagine what a background in martial arts could do. When it comes to being prepared for a potential threat, having self-defense skills is the real necessity.

Here’s the second commercial we have as part of this series – “The Ponytail” »

Though in this example the student is depicted as being “saved” by her participation in a dance class, in reality we know that isn’t enough to teach students all of the strategies they need when it comes to bullying. Once again, that’s where our martial arts programs come in.

If you have a child at home who recently started the new school year, there’s no reason not to send them to Tiger Schulmann’s – between our martial arts, karate and kickboxing classes, your child can become stronger and more confident, giving them everything they need to thrive in a school environment.

For more information about this new campaign, please click here. Then, to find a Tiger Schulmann’s near you, check out our list of locations or call (800) 528-4437. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

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