Tiger Schulmann’s

TSMMA Manhasset Student 90 Day Challenge Transformation

Last Updated on April 9, 2014.


Damon Levine, student at Tiger Schulmann’s Manhasset, is the winner of the school’s 90 day transformation challenge. The 90 days challenged Damon to get into the best shape of his life through kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s as well as following the nutrition program that accompanies the challenge.

In his owns words, “Clearly I am in the best shape of my life!! Thanks to the TSMMA Manhasset instructors and staff for being a strong motivation, for taking it a day or week at a time and following through with me to the very end…that support was sorely needed for a busy husband, father of 2, and risk manager!”

Damon also recently put his skills test at the Grappler’s Quest Tournament in Queens NY. Congrats to Damon on taking 1st place in his division. Next goal for Damon, working towards achieving his black belt.