What Activity Will Help My Child with ADHD?

by Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

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For a parent of a child having ADHD and finding activities that kids can be a part of can be challenging.  Children with ADHD not only are welcomed at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, but they thrive and actually start to improve in their focus and attention span issues.

Classes are designed to help all children improve their ability to focus.  As a child starts to see them self getting better and stronger they begin to work harder.  This is true for kids with ADHD and kids who have not been diagnosed.  How does this work? It has everything to do with the structure and discipline of the class.  Our martial arts program has been improving for over 30 years (32 to be exact).  With every passing year the Tiger Schulmann’s system of teaching children gets better and better.  Our instructors, with an average of 15 years experience in the martial arts, know exactly how to motivate and keep kids progressing.  Not only motivating, but keeping them motivated is also important.

Many karate kids have ADHD

The structure of the class is exactly what helps kids with ADHD.  These children need to do a task repeatedly and with very little down time between repetitions.  In between the different parts of class,there is still plenty of structure to the class.  The class will follow single file around the room to retrieve and replace items that they will be using during the class.  Upon returning to their spot, they all stand like perfect little soldiers, maintaining the highest level of discipline.  The discipline and structure to every class is key and as the children continue to participate they begin to start using this discipline on their own.

A lot of our students have ADHD

Discipline being implemented and used by the child on their very own is the ultimate goal of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts program. We refer to this as Self Discipline!  This is the key to success, for any child, with ADHD or not.  Kids who practice their push-ups and sit-ups get stronger.  Kids who practice their splits, get more flexible.  Kids who practice their punches and kicks become better kickboxers.  Kids who practice their spelling become better spellers.   Kids who practice their reading become better readers, etc.

So to start your child, with ADHD or not, on the path having better focus and improving their attention span, Call, Click or Stop in to Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne today.  Tiger Schulmann’s is located at 1605 Route 23 South, in the Brentwood Shopping Center south of Ratzer Rd and north of Packanack Lake Rd.

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