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Laura B.

I am very new to this mixed martial arts world and family. I say family because that’s how it feels. This place is something special and I’m proud to be a part of it. Two weeks ago, my son barely made it through the door on our first trial lesson and after last night’s class, […]

Sandra M.

“Great organization, great kids, and great instructors. Our Sensei is awesome a qualified well-respected leader. He’s helped my son grow, gain self-esteem and self-discipline. I would recommend this place to anyone with children looking for guidance, direction, and a life skill that will assist them in every aspect of their life.”

Huma A.

The best decision EVER!! The training, experience, and conditioning my kids are receiving are going to take them through life’s challenges! They’ve improved immensely from day one and hope to surpass their potential as they continue to train! Sensei Querido is amazing. Not just an instructor, but a mentor who teaches with a passion! I […]

Tamara G.

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It’s great it’s been awesome for my daughter it’s helped her immensely with her physical therapy.

Anna L.

A woman with blond hair

I absolutely love this school! Sensei Levi has been an amazing instructor and a fantastic person. He really helped me lose about 15 pounds and he is very knowledgeable not only in fitness, but nutrition as well.

Michael G.

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I’ll keep this short and simple… First off, great atmosphere and awesome staff! Sensei is top notch and is/was a professional MMA fighter at the highest level. Not only do you get an awesome workout training kickboxing/grappling(jiu jitsu), but it gives you more confidence and teaches you discipline. Sensei and his team encourage students to […]