Lauren F.

My son and I have been training with Sensei Montes and Joshu Burgos for almost 4 years. It has not only been a great workout and a way to feel safer knowing how to defend myself, but it has also helped my son do better in school and become more confident. I would recommend this […]

Arielle K.

This school is amazing. My child’s confidence & pride in himself has significantly improved.

Lucy L.

The workout, the trainers… the best! I personally love and enjoy every single class!

Jina S. L.

The teacher is amazing. thank u so much my kids can’t way for the next class.

Jill L.

Highly recommend Tiger Schulmann’s in New Windsor the Sensei there is great with the kids.

Charlie M.

At Tiger Schulmann’s, I get a great workout without even noticing I’m working twice as hard because I’m too busy kicking and punching stuff. The best part is that all the while I am actually learning real martial arts skills and training my body to maintain protective posture and balance. So much better than going […]

Chris K.

Sensei Montes is extremely experienced in Martial Arts and teaching his students of all levels. He teaches with professionalism and respect and in return receives respect from the students. My son has been going to TSMA for 2 years now and loves it. He has learned a valuable discipline and has gained confidence. I highly […]

Todd B.

This is the one place where you learn the life lessons As well as learning to take care of yourself. I have been a student since the grand opening and my son has trained here as well, a great family atmosphere.

Spyro V.

Amazing school and program. We have been with Sensei Montes for almost 6 years and it has been the best decision we have ever made for our son. We enjoy his classes so much that I’ve started taking classes 3 years ago and my daughter has recently started as well!

Lubjana B.

I highly recommend Tiger Schulmann’s in New Windsor. The instructors and students are all very friendly and welcoming which makes for a very comfortable and fun learning environment.